I could have sworn this was fixed

In this last update didn’t it say this was fixed???

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real sentence

Also this doesn’t seem right


You won’t be complaining about being stuck at the cap anytime soon anyway

I have had the giant people AR’s still happening that was “fixed” multiple versions ago.


Love when they go super saiyan! that shouldnt be shomething that needs to be fixed


I tried taking xp territories to see if it made a difference, but because territories are messed up for me it lets me kill all the walkers add one of my ghost teams then returns it to walkers like they never got hit.

The XP resets to it’s proper value once you gain some, it sometimes glitches like that just after you level up. That’s what happens to me anyway. It’s purely aesthetic

I like that bug to be honest. I mean it is like urrr monster smash!!

The huge % to next level is some sort of floating-point math error when you’re a tiny bit away. Next time you gain XP you’ll get the level.

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Have you tried creating an entirely new team and assigning that instead of one of the ghost teams? Or, after onslaught, you can probably clear this by leaving your faction and rejoining it.

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Yeah I’ve had it happen before this is the first time it’s done this though.

Not going to complain about free energy even if just a few.

Also the territories usually always sort them self out as to your next post.

Overfilling energy was a new feature in the last update. You can exceed the max upon refilling now


Ah did not think that would count towards leveling up but I guess it makes sense :man_shrugging:

That’s new with the latest version


I have to admit this is nice, a few events back they gave a 1mil food as a reward but not in a bag as before, I hadn’t noticed I was almost max on food and only got 10k or so of the reward.

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Yeah, I just wish they had changed it when they added player levels 126-150, instead of when I was already level 149 :laughing:


Well it took 4+years or so to add it, so if they ever raise level cap again in a few years you’ll be ready. :joy::rofl:

Also I’m still pissed how they did prestige when they added it. Sadly very sadly if they had counted all purchases I’d have been maxed, but because they did it with scopely math I was way short

That shit is hilarious,when it happens.

This dude said 4+ years,we had the 3 year anniversary just a few months ago.:thinking: