I Cheat on Scopely


Please Scopes… sign the divorce paper
Btw, any guilds that I can join?


That game is horrible


Better than this game.


No. Not at all.


I play both. Both games are OK for me.
At least the former is more tactical, relying on both movement and combat unlike RTS.


I’m taking off of work this afternoon to complete the Hero’s Journey and get Commander Luke Skywalker. I’ve been prepping for this event since June :smiley:


Yes, completely true


CLS is pretty useless now in arena. Palpatine meta everywhere, and pretty sure Treya is starting up too.




What are we talking about? Im pretty sure you mean Galaxy of Heroes?


I’m farming Bastilla to transition to jedi in arena, CLS is for raids.


Nice. I need to farm her too.


im still forever faithful to my nightsister squad lol


Character progression is worst in that game. Scopely wins this round.


well technically, they cheat on you with yahtzee, and wwe, wheel of fortune and dice…


But greedy, progressing, offer wise, the other game wins.


I hate those girls. They made GW a pain in the ass the other day.


So does MKX, NFS: NL, GoH, and a bunch of other games.


Agreed! First gw I haven’t finished in months because of the nightsisters rework!


I disagree. Every character is available to every player and it’s simply a matter of where the player chooses to focus their attention. My roadmap to RJT was/is a year long progression. I couldn’t tell you how much I’ll be playing RTS in a year, but I know I’ll have RJT and Chewie a year from now.