I changed my smart phone, but my account doesn't interwork from the old one



I changed my smart phone and installed app. But my account doesn’t interwork from the old one, and it started new account. how can I load my original account data and play game with my original account?

PLEASE help me!!


@kalishane Is this something you do? :slight_smile: Or who do I tag that does this? :=)


@Andrea_Scopely This user has posted his account codes publicly can you change it? :slight_smile:


I removed your account codes to avoid anything shady happening.

You’ll need to connect your account to facebook on the old device, play through the tutorial on your new device and then connect to facebook on the new device. Without a Facebook connect you cannot move your account between devices.


Various players have requested at multiple occasions to have an alternative way to link the game other than Facebook be it google or whatever. There are people that lost their accounts and stopped playing due to a lost or banned Facebook account. This is a real issue.

Is there any chance Scopely will provide such an alternative in the future?

Would appreciate an answer even if it’s a „no“.


Thanks for changing :slight_smile:


I refuse to use Facebook in any way shape or form. Their recent security breach & inability to protect their consumers, proves my point. In today’s age, most ppl are willing to hand all their personal info away for a few minutes of gratification. But I’m old school & won’t compromise myself or my info for an app.
I have spent money on this game & have my Google receipts. When I get a new phone, my game better be transferable by another means other then Facebook.
Forcing ppl to use another app for transfer should not be an acceptable practice. There are other means to accomplish this without Facebook. And I think this needs to be taken to the team for further review.


My previous post was intended for you, but seems it didn’t respond to your comment.


t’as qu’as utilisé un compte Facebook que pour le jeu
sérieux qui utilise son compte Facebook “officiel” pour les jeux ???


I’ll quit this game tomorrow if someone tells me that Facebook doesn’t have a connection with scope there’s a money dealings there in some way