I can't war, game is glitching


Title says it all. Anyone else getting this I can’t upload a video to the forum so have tagged a youtube link , its happening to all my faction my faction can’t war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIFQJxZ4z9g


Yep, our faction has members that can’t join for whatever reason, or can’t declare cause the game crashes. @kalishane, please address?


I was starting to feel alone




Un recruteur de ma faction a pu déclarer la guerre
PS j’avais déjà ouvert un topic identique


Sorry i dont speak french? but yeh i didnt know that you had already posted about it due to the language barrier, they will be merged eventually


I don’t speak english google traductor is my friend :wink:


My region has one other faction that is searching besides us, and do you think we can match? No, of course not. 10 minutes and counting --
In a closed region like Sumter, basing matchmaking on rep is silly. As we only have 4 main active factions -


на форуме мы должны говорить по-английски


It works in my main region not my secondary, so cant be my internet


Im aware lol but you know no contact is xactly what this needs


At the very beginning of war I couldn’t declare either but it seems fine now. I would press declare and it would pop up and then disappear. A couple of other said they were having the same issue and another faction say they can’t war at all because of it.


I am about to join in my first war of the night. It doesn’t seem to be taking a long time to search right now from what other faction members are saying, but I expect it to be glitching like it always has. I am in Montgomery region.