I can't stop laughing at this...had 2 share

I found Bruce Allen Cooper…He was on the ppls court today! Omg, I can’t breath now. I can’t stop… I-


Good one Wolfy thanks made me chuckle too !


And he looks so disgruntled… Haha Haha I can’t stop…

Poor fecker probably gets told to him every day and thinks it a insults lol

Lol. He looks just like that toon! Killing me!!!

He really doesn’t he is just bald

Omg look at his nose and eye brows. To me he look just like him. Even the shirt reminds me of Bruce.

And his mouth. The favorability is there ,my friend.

image I see the resemblance the brows are the sames

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No I think your seeing things
That brightness setting is burning my skin
Pls call hospital

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Yeah. I just started to post the same. Lol. He does resemble him.enough to notice.

My sister is half blind. Her tv is set for her to see. Sorry. Can’t help that! Plus my flash went off for some reason.

And here…

I’m sending denizens your way

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And this really confirms the nose too. Very similar. If toons could be cloned into ppl, this guy would be a outcome for older Bruce! I’m sure of it.

This guy was on there hating on a dog. (Didn’t hear the whole case just popped in to help my sister) I love dogs. Ppl court is public viewing and information. So its understood to all, I have 0 guilt. I’m not downing this guy saying he’s ugly or anything
I’m just stating there is a resemblance between the 2 and it cracked me up for some ungodly reason.

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