I can't see my place on the anniversary leaderboards


Are you supposed to scroll through all the tiers and find your name? Or is it supposed to appear at the top? Thanks!


It’s supposed to appear at the top but I’ve noticed that sometimes it doesn’t. :confused: Try checking again at a later time, that usually works for me.


If you’ve received any cakes within 15 minutes of looking its recalculating


It means you have fallen too low to bother displaying. :wink:


Wtf my leaderboard looks nothing like yours!! This is what it looks like for me. Banner finally showed up

All that writing above the banner needs to go! Piss poor design as usual


The cake leaderboard is different from the candle leaderboard


Yeah but my cake leaderboard looked exactly the same as the candle leaderboard. Only difference was instead of yellowish orange color it was gray. I wish it was still up so I could show you. I had the same view for both. Idk if its bc mines Android or not but it was horrible.


That’s weird I’m on iPhone and only my candle leaderboard has the words at the top, the cake leaderboard loads better for me


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