I can't say anything in chat

Now wait before you tell me how there are a lot of posts about chat mod read this first. After the update i can no longer say any words. I can’t say hi or guys in any chat.

Probably cause you said a lot of other unsavory words in chats.

Like as in nothing shows up when you type or it’s just all ###

Whatever i type becomes ##. I tried saying hi and it becomes ##

I have not said anything bad. Unless trying to say hi is a racial slur now

Have you already had a temp ban from chat since the update?

No, it just yelled at me for trying to change my name

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Proof? I dont believe you.

It seems like once people have been warned or suspended it is often blocking all their text. You aren’t the first to note this then. There have been several people saying this.

I’m guessing this is your fault based on this statement alone.

Oh ok so me trying to change my name removes all of my chatting privileges, makes sense

Well if the system deems it inappropriate

If it’s preventing you, then you are likely triggering something that is further tightening the belt on you. As such, your fault.

Don’t do dumb things.

What could i possibly be triggering? I tried changing my name to Limey and it didnt like that

I stupidly got a 24 hour chat ban and after the time ran out, everything I say is now hashtags so same issue. This game just keeps getting better and better!

What I’m doing with global is changing my name to say Hi “name of person”

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