I cant collect Rewards upgrade characters play world map or play Survival Road tournament

Video quality isn’t great but if you watch this video, scopely records may show that I’m able to play survival Road tournament, however as I have told them many times, when I play the stage and it shows Victory the game restarts to the loading screen once the loading screen finishes loading and brings you to the home screen if you go back to survival Road tournament it shows that that stage still has not been completed and I am missing an energy. sometimes after I have completed the same stage 3 or more times it will finally register that I completed it and I will be able to move on to the next stage, but then I will have to replay that next stage multiple times and because I have to play the same stage multiple times I have to wait 14 minutes for 1 energy to come back to retry again.

my device is a Samsung Galaxy S6 4G LTE Cat6 64-bit Octa Core processor 129.2 mm (5.1") quad hd samoled 16mp(ois) / 5mp wireless charging Knox capable 32gb memory.
the version of the game I am playing is [ 284 - 16 ] © 2018 SCOPELY, INC account code: GFD-QBQ-ZPX

I have tried all the solutions scopely customer service has given me including deleting catche files restarting my device and even uninstalling the game My device is connected directly to the 4G Wireless high-speed internet. I allow my device to stay open in the app for over 20 minutes to allow it to download any content that needs to be downloaded. I do have the most current version of the game installed. I only play The Jasper region.

This video shows the problem I’ve been having upgrading characters since February 28th I have had multiple characters maxed out on a tier, but as soon as I upgrade them and press ok the game immediately goes to the loading screen once that completes and brings me to the homepage if I check in my roster at the character I just upgraded they still have not been upgraded and all the food I used to upgrade them is back in my Reserves.

whenever I try to play any stage of world map, as soon as it shows victory the game resets back to the loading screen when that completes and brings me to the home screen if I look at my energy all of the energy I had used to complete the stage has been returned and it doesn’t matter if I play the stage put it on auto play or use tokens to complete the stages the game automatically resets to the loading screen

and lastly I have rewards that I received but I’m not able to claim, as soon as I press claim the game immediately resets to the loading screen once that completes and goes to the homepage if I go back to check on the reward I just tried to claim it is still in my inventory and any progress I made in the game has been changed back to before I try to claim the reward.

@kalishane, @Shawn.Scopely,
I have messaged scopely customer service many times but I always get the same generic message saying, we understand your frustration and we will pass your problem on to our staff and mark the ticket as resolved

Any help tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated because for over a month now the only thing I’ve been able to play on the game is road map raid and War.

Is there a google play address you can post the video to?

What do you mean by Google Play address?