I can't be the only one thinking this

It seems now that Christmas is almost here scopely is getting greedy then ever


Your not the only one thinking it


You don’t have to buy the offers.


You just won’t have any gear to upgrade your characters unless u do :wink:



christmas is jesus’s birthday…he got frankinsense , mir, and GOLD!..guess scopely didnt care much for the smelly weeds…they took the gold, we get the stink weed it seems…maybe you guys should show some good will toward your fellow man… or not… #screwthepoor

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You’re citing my poll from last year. This year has been pretty good, in my opinion. 1 free ascendable (solange), 1 likely free ascendable (Dwight), another slightly less likely free ascendable (maggie), two harder to obtain but still possibly free ascendables (Knox and a random pull), and a possible additional ascendable pull for people who pay a couple dollars. Far more generous than that crap event last year.


Christmas might be getting nearer, yes, but it is also the last couple weeks of the 4th quarter. Scopely pushes out a lot more packs and promos at the end of each quarter. Gotta hit those sales numbers and keep those investors happy. :upside_down_face:


thank you for ur feedback, we have cancelled Christmas and will also take urbfeedback back to the team

keep survivoring

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Wasnt jesus bday lol christmas is a day of greed hidden behind this illusion of giving, what time of year besides black friday do you see people get the most crazy, the most selfish, etc. It isnt about what i can give you, christmas is about what do i get from others.

It is the last push before the new year, that is what christmas is, $ale, $ale, $ale. Instead of companies saying buy our crap before the year is over, its hidden behind this oh buy for your family and friends.

Tis the season to be greedy and lie about it lol scopely is just doing what any snake company is doing, they have to report their profits and they need to $ale as much as they can and christmas is an amazing illusion to do so

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Tis the Season for Rollbacks

Never forget, guys

lol…and thats why i drink

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Dont ruin your liver lol eat some hash brownies instead

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