I cannot send screenshots to support

I got other bugs today, so took screenshots.
but i cant send them on support chat in WDRTS
Anyone solve this problem?

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What’s the bug?

Shows increase your score 3 × by using 4 arena tickets ?

They changed it to make it harder to complain, ba humbug

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Also believe it’s something to do with settings and language meaning you can’t contact support.

Think @LadyGeek knows what should do? Maybe she can help advise

Seriously send them a message and they will reply in a email, then you can send them a picture👍

In addition to the bug where you can’t send a pic if your phone’s primary language is not one that helpshift supports, there is currently an iOS problem where no one on iOS can send pics.

You can use the web portal to send screenshots. Please remember that when you use the web portal your ticket will not be automatically associated with your in game account, so you will need to include your in game name, region, faction, and level so they can associate it manually.


I had the ios issue with not being able to add screenshots. they gave a me a reference number along with a link to the web portal when i told them about the issue.

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Get the ticket number for whatever gripe you have and email them. They’ll continue the chat over email.

Welcome to the world of their demented suppression efforts.
If you’ve given them a lot of money then maybe they would listen to you a little bit more.

Do you use iOS device? I have same issue with iPad and iPhone & have told them :persevere:

I have this exact same problem. There’s no button to click anymore that says “attach” or whatever. So you’re just stuck on that screen.

@pipiso - Please follow @LadyGeek input in order to get your ticket and screenshots sent to our customer support and issue being looked into.

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