I CAN REST! FINALLY! Dwight, come to me!


After much tribulation, he is mine. Now, where are those alpenstocks? :wink:


Fake news


I hope they keep the leather vest around for a little longer so I can get my dewight


Yeah, I agree Tripp. Trust me, I’m officially out of everything. I spent most of all my items on leveling and I got lucky with many 100 XP. This didn’t come easy. SR pushed me towards the limit. Literally. On the dot. I didn’t like those odds. No way in hell I could attempt the 500k level up on milestone on this one. It’s just too much.


Dude, last level up was horrendous. I was only able to do 250k this time around. I literally ran out. With only 9 days of trainers, I had to make do with what I had. Many of my points this go was from AR rushes. And then by God, I got lucky with two 100 xp missions. However, I spent nearly 800 gold rushing them. I’m so broke at this point!


shitie 5 reskin of firs with atk buff indeed zzz


Damn! You beat me to it. I was gonna post this exact thing, but I’m 11 stages behind you. Nice work! :smiley:


Get it done dude! The last few stages are a chore, but ya got this!


Yeah it was a chore…


Worst part for me was waiting for my energy to replenish. And now, for the photos :sunglasses:


He looks…so…shiny!


yes reskined 5s stuck.


I got 4 hours to get Legendary done to get my last 70 vests I need. I can see burning a can to secure this one