I can only raid bots & I get 3-4 raid trophies


I transferred region this morning and whenever I try to raid, bots with 1* and 2* only show up. I cannot raid any real players unless it’s a faction revenge. When I do raid the bots, I only get 3-4 raid trophies even though they are around my rep rank. Any help would be appreciated as support haven’t messaged me back around 10 hours later

Edit: problem solved


What was the solution?


Make your attack team your defence team and it works afterwards


Same here but not solved with Apollo’s tip


Zen - this is the more detailed explanation. Hopefully this helps


But they are talking about the battle bonus in leagues.

In any case I attacked with my defense team in raids and nothing happens, Im still getting 3-4 raid trophies :disappointed:


U have to switch ur main defense to your main attack team then switch it back


I did but nothing happens, still the same. I changed my defense team a lot of times. Diferent teams, offense, defense, 1 character, everything without any change in the raid trophies, always 3-4 trophies. Imposible to get candles
I wrote to support but no answer for 30 hours


They REALLY didnt like people/regions dropping their defenses in raid tourneys, did they?!
Another nerf for player friendly coding.


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