I bought airpods

They’ll go nice with my iPhone 11 Pro
Have you guys ever bought airpods?

I do have a pair of AirPods the pro version and they are pretty good. I am partial to my Sennheiser’s though they sound much better.

Edit: not sure if Siri spelled Sennheiser right but search Them they rock

I just bought the regular airpods

Awesome!! Now you can walk around saying…

HeY gUyS LooK aT My AiRpodS!!


I have both the original and the pro’s. The pro’s are great for podcasts but the sound quality isn’t great for music. The original’s I didn’t find comfortable at all.

I got the airpod 2

Just went and grab my sons and listen to them. They aren’t bad at all. They sound good and they are small. I chose the Sennheiser’s for the quality. I pretty much listen to podcasts and music from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed.

I work in production so small wireless earbuds are essential

That is awesome. I have been part of the production department at my church up until I lost my vision. About 15 years in church production on a very large scale. It’s an awesome job. I was only a volunteer not a paid employee though.

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Oh. Cool to hear.

I’ll stick with my Bose Ty, there the best, I might look like a cook but I don’t care😂

I have a turtle beach headset don’t really have things without wires had some pretty shitty experiences with them.

isheep lol


are u wearing ur gold mac pro around ur neck too?

Android peasants always say these silly things.

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Isn’t that the thing you play bubble football in?

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OK that was a pretty good one

I actually use a Samsung laptop
Nice try

omg hand in ur apple products, u have been disowned