I believe Absolute Defence chance of activating needs reducing


As title says.

Wondering thoughts on this.

I have Konrad and a weapon myself but after fighting many recently and the 0s combos I ve been getting…it’s over powered.

I went on a steak of 10 0s…game over.
It’s not just that time…many times 0s have been 80% activating.
My faction members have noticed and so has everyone else as Absolute Defence Shield has become the new favourite beating out Magna again
I know Carl has a lot to do with that too…but Stun and Impair seems to have gone down on average…Absolute Defence should too.




Shiva’s active skill is a guaranteed workaround, but that assumes you have her. :woman_shrugging:


Swear I saw michone with ab do 16 defends of zero. I wonder if another game mechanic increases chances of a proc. Some have hinted team maximums , crit ,and defense could factor in. And yes there should be a maximum number of defends or some nerf. Lol we boost all these 6s and a single weapon is more powerful than money spent forward. Let’s try and keep the cheese to a minimum. A lot more intelligent complex numbers locked up by a tiny hinge like absolute defense.
I vote change


I exprecienced that myself so i ask the ingame support if thats normal. They said it is indeed normal, absolute def can be activated 5x or more in a row. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are workarounds, Konrad is not as big a threat as he once was.

Shieldchonne with abs def can also be worked over with impair / stun AOE combo.

Do not nerf abs def, too many other issues to waste time fixing with this game.


Noticed this a lot lately with konrad and michonne. Madness, lol.


Wound be interesting to know the current % chance to proc Absolute Defence, Stun, Impair,… etc. @CombatDevIl @CombatMan


Nothing in this game needs nerfing. People put a lot of time, effort, money etc in achieving something, and to then take that away isn’t right. Somepeople have spent months if not longer trying to craft these weapons. Unless something is going catastrophically wrong and ruining the game, leave it well alone.


Frow need nerfing, or otherwise exterminating. Bloody nit.


Its still not fair that some Effects/Toons are completly stronger then other toons (because they are promo toons)


Anyone can get absolute defence. Michonne shield id in the wheel. And, to be honest, if everyone had the same access to toons, paid or not, the game would go bust in a week


is good… If u get 50+ Fails on some Weapons, meanwhile other got already a full Stun/Abso Team, they are (in the most cases) stronger then u. U can just Craft Weapons barely (if u are also too unlucky with dismembering Weapons), and no Roadmap no good events for PK…

There are F2P. Its not fair that F2P have to struggle so hard for some things sometimes…

They really should look at Riot and learn how to handle some things.


I disagree. People that pay to play are also paying for people who don’t play. I have no problem with someone who has paid thousands having a slightly better team than someone who has paid nothing. It would be unfair if it was the other way round.


*pay even


I completely agree but mainly because for the life of me I can’t craft an abs def weapon. I will agree with another poster though that 6 star shiva works great against abs def. round one attack someone else. round 2 attack mishield with everyone but shiva and then stun with shiva. round 3/4 attack mishield with shiva’s ar.


Effects that state better chance are 35% chance, and great chance are 50% chance. :wink:

Absolute Defense Needs To Change

Thanks. Fast, good and accurate answer like always^^. Wish I could told that about every Scopely Employee in this Forum…


@CombatDevIl why would u mention greater chance? The weapons that are uncraftable yet vk still sells??


Enemies in SR have greater chance.