I ascended 3 / 4 traits, going to do a blue tomorrow


From what I’ve received:
Gator, Zeke, Safety Behind Bars Rick.
Has not been a fun day.


Gator will be a 6* soon


Fair enough but the other two aren’t.


Yeah, its a lottery for sure. Please don’t take my post to be one of those “be grateful you got anything” responses, I just mean to point out the silver lining. I’ll probably try to ascend for gator soon, he is one of the few 5* on the ascendance list that I don’t currently have


Same here. I’ve never gotten Gator before, but now I’ll be slowly working on getting him to get some of that GATOR AID action :muscle:


congrats? You know the odds, good luck.


You cared enough to reply, buckaroo.


That’s what you always say. Back to r/furry. No wait im sorry. Just scrolled trough this Trainweck i see where you’re coming from. Jeezus.


Congrats you found my faction. Do you want a reward?




You want a dog?


how did he know that was your faction? I’m on the same region.


its on my profile lol