I am the luckiest player of the game

I had a 75% chance of getting a special weapon from an offer and I land the 25% chanced 2000 weapon tokens.

I also am level 144 and every level that I have gained since they opened back up the levels and have gotten a silver/gold mod box… all of them have been silver.

I feel like the luckiest player in the game… LMAO


On a note somewhat unrelated to this, a faction mate a few weeks back got the special weapon with a 10% chance of getting it.

On another unrelated note, did you know that female hens don’t fart?


Even more unrelated, all hens are female.


And on an unrelated but even note all females are female. Who knew? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some females identify as Apache attack helicopters.


The best kind. :helicopter:

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Some identify as a geek


The luckiest one are those who never download or waste a dime or a minute on this game

Then the one who already quit

Yet I still think I am lucky
I do make some friends here

I’ve bought the $25 weapon offer 3 times got 2k tokens twice and shiva’s stun gun once so yeah I know how ya feel.

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Fake news… You’re f2p


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Another level, another mod box… Another crit silver mod… so lucky.

I think I’m the luckiest TBH, I have gotten hundreds maybe even thousands of Dale’s, Mitchell’s, and others from basic token’s but never 3★ Carl for the museum.


Well we all now that carl to the museum was certain so maybe you will get him there soon

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This is normal to me, EVERY silver/gold mod box ive had on main acc had been silver, already passed 150 level a while back.

Every duct tape and polishing kit (25x each 5th level up) has resulted in non critical success in the armnoury (same happened during levels 101-125)

Everytime i take a chance and purchase anything i get the WPO (worst possible outcome)

that said my 2nd acc has had better luck, i opened up a recent shop offer where 1 pull got 8250 coins BUT once i did a 40 pull i got a rubbish 5& dupiclated non ascendable

that said, i can honestly say in my opinion looking at other players, accounts are handled differently, whereas someone would always get the worst in a pull someone always got the better side of it, this is why so many players in this community would state that getting benedicts was easy, getting ascend tokens was easy, having an abundance of knife sheafs was easy whereas someone else would have the exact opposite. i know most of it is RNG but it also favours certain players for sure

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there used to be someone in my faction that would get more or less everything on either 1 pull or if not on that then 1 10 pull.

Michones head, first pull. Me i grinded my ass off for 50 pulls and didnt get jack lol

and never pulled a premier in my life and i did 38k coins for HS michone in the 5* era

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