I am suffering from a problem

so I am getting a problem where the gold bars don’t appear in my offers menu I wait for hours but they still don’t appear I have lost about 50-60 gold bars and because when I don’t get them on my offers menu I don’t do the roadmap because it’s uneven please fix this

Have you mailed support?

Have you tried closing your game and re-booting?

I find you have to wait for roadmaps to load and then the rest of the offers. Then any rewards/messages to my inbox. If it’s still hanging after all that malarkey, I close and reboot.

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Lol… so you don’t do the roadmaps because of OCD? Once your toon is tier 3 don’t bother anymore because you’ve missed too much to max it

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You might get the one from offers back from support but the ones from the roadmap you won’t because that ain’t their fault that yours for not doing it

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support just said I didn’t claim them
yeah I didn’t claim cuz they weren’t friggin there!!

Ask them again

yeah It does not work

and yes I have mild ocd and I’m still trying

waiting for the response now

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