I am so happy with scopely


Really love this game just a huge fan. Really smooth sailing and no bugs at all.


Cauldrons are Gained by doing raids you then use them in the Halloween road map , shovels also Stil drop


Cauldrons are for the roadmap.


To be fair, you can still get more shovels, and they gave us more than enough time to get enough shovels from the few days they gave us.


Wrong shovels… Check your weapons inventory.


Lol I’ve been raiding whenever I have had energy and I even had a week off work and I have insomnia. Sovels drops were random. They stopped dropping as much a few days ago. I was only getting 20 at a time.


Yep, you don’t get the shovels for museum but 2☆ weapons. Great, isn’t it?


Ugh why do I care about this dumb game.


Ikr? The game IS bad but I’m still here because I like the characters (Basically if I’m still here it’s because Mitchell Jr.)


… and that’s after claiming one already…


Yeah u clearly bought raid refills so good for you? I would have been able to do it without spending on refills if they hadn’t diluted shovels with cauldrons. Like am I supposed to applaud your spending habits lol


Raid fills are easily obtained for free in war and roadmaps as well as supply depot. Just because you weren’t active enough in the reasonably long amount of time this was goin on doesn’t mean scope should bend over backwards to hold your hand across the finish line.


You truly are deep level loser. Bye just got the rest of my shovels. Have fun being good at the worst game ever.


Some of my shovels were 2* weapons too…so


I do like the characters and the graphic design. I like the p2p but it’s buggy as hell. Like I’ll spend 5/10 a month but…jeesh


If it’s the worst game ever why do you play it? And childish name calling is also such a lovely quality in a person… tho I’m not mad at ya, pretty obvious you are just projecting your own inadequacy onto others to make yourself feel better. Don’t worry, everything will be ok little guy, things get better.


The toons are not worth one raid refill lol


No. They aren’t. That’s just normal raiding during the time of drops. I used the Maggie I got to ascend another character already. Lol


You must really like this game lol


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