I am not spending on chars...I am not opening tokens

…because my roster is constantly full.
I collect all 5*, and have lots of 4* waiting to be ascended. But I am running out of silver medals at the moment. This is the bottleneck.
I have so many 4* because there are no 3* in premier pulls, that I used to depot…
I cannot deport 4*.
The solution: Create more character slots. Or make fully maxed out characters (and trainers) not count towards to your limit.

Please check this hypothesis: Player with a full roster are less likely to spend…

Thank you…

PS changed roaster to roster…

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Sell some 4 stars to the depot. Sometimes you just have to trim the fat off your roster instead of waiting to ascend them to five stars. Every time Scopely has increased the roster size, they just get filled up again because people are still going to collect and hold onto high level toons, regardless of roster size. the current 300-400 range works really well as long as you’re not hoarding toons you don’t need.


I don’t think many people can relate to you…

Most people won’t have a full roaster… I don’t even have a roaster…


It sounds like a machine you put a quarter into, and it insults you.

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Roasters cook food… what are you thinking…

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Kenny’s got you covered.


But it was funnier that way

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Damn how many 6* do you have to be out I got 16 and still have over a million

Buy crates from sr depot did that for a couple months in a row

They gave us free roster space before. Did you max out on roster space and cannot purchase anymore for coins? If not, then buy more roster space for coins or tough it up and stop asking for freebies.

Why? Because there is a map scopely puts up that gives us about 30k every 5 days? Bc there is a slot in the depot where you can buy 6300 every day… When legends came out they promised us enough medals to ascend 1 a month…I’m not getting that…I know people will say they are but they are top of the top in their regions …my faction stays in 4th place so we get the crappy 4th - 10th rewards…

Well ya then you don’t know the struggle…I have enough right now to do my 14th legend but will take me to about 75k medals…I need alot more of them!

Lol that’s funny

I bought all roster slots. Here is my breakdown:
60 trainers (> Brady or AR & AS)
10 3* (I keep of nostalgia)
130 4* (about 20 of them maxed for scavenger missions)
90 5* (unleveled)
60 5* (max level)
25 6*
–> 5 free slots
that is really no fun to work with.
I would easily buy 100 slots, or make maxed chars not count towards the limit, or don’t count duplicates or don’t count trainers…

Oh just to add, I could do also do about 70 pulls together from prestige/5*/4* wheel, but I cannot have these chars fillup my roaster :wink:

You still got a bit of wiggle room…

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wow. I am deeply depressed for you :wink: Thank you for sharing!

U should be ok for level ups then lol :joy:

Trainers should absolutely stack if they are not on a team. They can’t be leveled so they will always be identical. There is no reason for them not to stack.

@kalishane Can you please bring this to the team. Thank you.


That stop me from pulling/spending. Right now i have 22 legendary toon’s and 2 more i want to ascend (Dev and Rick from the last event) I am considering not going for Lucas because i will probably not gonna ascend him anytime soon.

Right now i only have 170 legendary medal’s and i buy the crate everyday.

So they need increase the amount of legendary medal’s, if they want people to spend more.

I sell all 4* since i need the silver medal’s to ascend legendary’s


Really good idea especially with all the trainers crates

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