I am not getting lucky


Is anyone else finding “You Got Lucky” not really popping up lately?

I am used to it showing up 2 -3 times in rapid succession then disappearing for 2 weeks, but lately i probably get it once or twice per month. Its getting extremely tough to get my toons leveled up.


It seems the emergence of trainer “offers” (if you really want to call them that) and the sudden relentless frequency of level up events, makes it seems that the spawn rate of this mission was deliberately lowered to get people spending…


Maybe RNG is not on my side?


I have my scavs set in such a way that I have You Got Lucky constantly running. I complete it and it goes through 12 hour cool down and then it’s ready to go again.


yes but only for two days, then you must wait 24 hours without mison and it is already again


Mine never disappears but thats because i knew not to do the gold missions, if you ve done them your down to rng, its a well known issue and theres tons of threads about this


@Wolfenstein Two scavs only level 13 and 14.
Like @Akearns I pretty much haven’t done any other missions.


Yeh ive got 2 scavs at level 20 and 2 on 16 so that has nothing to do with it


Thanks @Akearns, good to know that I can level my scavs higher to put higher tiered characters in.


I have You got lucky appearing regularly. 12 hour mission followed by a 12 hour cooldown, rinse and repeat. Once though, I did encounter a problem where I couldn’t even see it in my scav camp. It had completely vanished? Someone suggested taking a mission and aborting it. I did that a few times and it reappeared. I don’t know if this is the problem you have but this solution worked for me and you really don’t lose anything apart from the mission you abort. Which slides back into cooldown.


So what i am understanding here is:

"You did the gold missions so you are screwed… "


Yup this is true. But sometimes i have to wait longer than 24 hours for YGL to reappear.


I just finally got ygl to pop for the first time in 2 weeks. I’ve had level ups where I was able to get 3 in. And I haven’t done any new missions in a very, very long time.


It completely disappears during level ups and sometimes for weeks at a time.


yes it does :slight_smile: quite “random”