I am looking for a new region

I am looking for an active region that is a fun place. I am basically a ftp player, but am very active. I wanted to transfer to effingham but made a mistake and joined to see what it is like now its not open to transfer :(. I am not sure if that can be fixed or if I just killed my chance to go there. Now I am looking for a new region. Any suggestions would be great.

You can transfer to a region you have an alt in. The game just overrides and deletes the alt. A lot of people have accidentally overwritten their mains by moving an alt to the wrong region by accident, forgetting the proper order of moving regions. As long as Effingham is in your wave you will be able to move to it.


Hopefully this helps

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Effingham is wave 3 so it’s not open to transfer into until 09-Mar. You will only be able to transfer there if your account is currently in a wave 3 region. What region are you in right now? We can’t really recommend a region unless we know where you are because that will determine what your options are.

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Their account card says Wilkinson so, region 1A.
Might be better off starting over, oops.

That chart is very telling it shows just how dead the game really is. I wonder how long it will be before they start shutting down regions and forcing people from wave 3 into 2, etc.

I do think it’s BS that a 1a whale faction can move back into 1b. Once you move up the ladder that should be it.

Yeah we will see I guess. I rather make my own move than have scopely make it for me you never know who you will end up getting stuck with. Imagine getting merged with a Russian region lol.

Bonjour comment peut on savoir les dates des ouvertures de vagues de transferts svp?

As long as they’re not cheaters, they should have the right to go A or B depending on how an honest player decides to play

lis ça svp :slight_smile:

Try Brooks

I think Cathy found a home in my region already… but I could be wrong it might be a different Cathy that transferred in the other night lol

hey there, if you are looking to join any new faction, im recruiting. currently im in York, may be add me in line, so we can discuss things?

thank you :slight_smile:

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