I am confused (not.Com)

I was making the joke I’m weak

I wasn’t sure.
You’d be amazed what people can overcome. I am a veteran, I watched fellow soldiers who thought\talked about how badass they are crumble under pressure when shit hit the fan and others who you’d never think be able to last a day do amazing things.

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I’m not really a rap person anymore. That kid did good though.
My rap groups I like 2Live crew, Beastie boys, Cypress Hill, Dr Dre, to many to name but all 70s-80s-90s Era.

To the people who say “it isnt my problem” well it is, this planet is your home, the only one you have, your children and their children, your bothers or sisters children, etc. So sit down and make sure you tell them, it isnt my problem, oh well and also this planet is my home, good luck sitting me down and to just accept things as is, you can eat meat, you can litter, you can drive gas powered cars, you can burn coal but I will do what im gonna do and the world will also. As i said “get with the times or get left behind” the reason the world is in such chaos is cause we are going thru a shift, evolution, a new era, new age, whatever you wanna call it, its happening and will happen. Now i just ate me an Italian sub with cheese, 3 kinds of meat, mayo, etc, so im not veg or vegan and that is fine if you dont want to be, what i do have issue with tho is the people who try to stop things like veggie based meats like a veggie burger, we need this to be able to feed the world, children already starve to death and we need to increase food output by about 70% by 2050 cause we will have about 10 billion people. We can not factory farm animals enough to feed people and those animals are taking our drinking water and antibiotics. Veggie or cell grown meats is the future and something that is needed to sustain the species, we can feed so many more and make the food more healthy, save money, save water, etc. And if youre ok with children or anyone starving to death, destroying the home of future generations, simply put, you are a piece of shit, a monster, a demon, an ugly being inside but luckily those kind of “people” are vastly out numbered and are slowly dying off, thankfully. This is more of a rant lol again not telling anyone how to live your life, eat cheeseburgers all day, burn coal all day, i dont care but a lot of those people go out of their way to attack or stop people who do drive electric cars, use solar, are vegan, etc. And those people need to chill tf out and “get with the times or get left behind” or at least try coming at someone like me so i can sit ya down lol

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I agree with the wind farms, i dont think those are great but others like solar, nuclear using thoruim, nuclear fusion, etc are great and can provide our energy needs. Now for cars, it wasnt just better performance, i did mention they would be cheaper right? Cheaper fuel as ypu would charge a battery and swap the battery once and awhile. Safer, dont have to worry about the gas tank blowing up or leaking. Etc. Just overall better. Its like you saying, no need for cell phones, we can send pigeons with notes tied to their foot… Uhhh you can lol