I am confused (not.Com)

Guess you’ll have to eat chicken burger instead
Can’t tell if this some meme tbh but it of is good job meme maker that’s some funny shite I commend ye

It’s simply that the carbon footprint to make a pound of beef far out weighs that of other foods.




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It’s a little known fact but the beef industry, when taking into account the cutting down of trees for pasture, the amount of water required for 1kg of beef, the fuel needed for transportation both to the slaughterhouse and also to the shelves, is the biggest contributer to climate change in the world. Far more than aviation, the electronics industry, and all other meat industries.

I always feel a little guilty when eating a steak, but then the flavour makes me forget :stuck_out_tongue:


Cow fart bad. Chicken fart less bad

(I know there is more to it than the emissions produced, like how Brazil are gutting the rainforest just to make more grazing land, but that isnt as funny as a fart joke)


But the good news is that we now have non-recyclable paper straws at Maccy D’s!!!


Love that you called it Maccy D’s… Flys over the heads of my non British mates


Can’t reuse something you can barely use in the first place :roll_eyes:

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Nope, not a joke. They are coming for your hamburgers.

If the United States went completely carbon neutral, you know solar powered planes and all, it would have very little impact on the state of the world

China would still burn the dirty coal the U.S. sells em, Five Asian counties would still dump more plastic in the ocean than the rest of the world combined, Brazil will still slash the rain forests.

But you know, not being able to have a cheese burger is going to make everything better.

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Let me start off by saying there is likely not much anything better than a good hamburger… Not that garbage pink goo filled stuff from McDs/burgerking or what not…

But… meat is an issue. A big one. For MANY reasons. And one people need to think adapting their diets.

First, not all meat is the same. Some takes a lot more resources to produce.
Cows /pigs in particular. The methane from them and the silos that produce, then the Nitrous oxide from their poop is absolutely significant and unnecessarily. both of those cause more damage per unit than CO2.

Second, cows need way too much resources to produce vs other animals. They need food and space to grow. To grow that food you need fertilizer… lots of it.
41% of the US landmass is used to raise and feed livestock. Ouch. (Or 70% of ag land in the EU)

Now also think of if that area was used to raise other more efficient animals or food for humans.


There’s also a lot of information about how we’re draining the major aquifers faster than theyre being replenished. Fresh water, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Maybe a better use of resources?

If you think that’s a problem now look how many places in the world are moving more towards that Western diet rather than away from it. So maybe leading by example is important.

So have your cheeseburger… but maybe not everyday… and mix it up. I’d suggest high fiber foods like humus or veggies.
I’ve seen research saying if people had 1-2 days less of meat a week it would have a substantial impact. So start there.

I’m not going to go into obesity or how heart disease is the leading killer of Americans… But also extremely important and more food for thought.


Well stated argument, backed up by facts. I do not dispute any of it, my comment was more tongue in cheek than anything.

I do take issue with free choice being taken away from anyone. Those in universities dictating what is and is not allowed gets under my skin.

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Shame is that’s the whole planet stewardship thing. We (humans) tend to only clue in after things are past the point of no return.

There’s a city in Quebec called Asbestos… where they mine the stuff that is being removed from houses with people wearing suits you typically see in ebola news coverage because it’s so cancerous.

It’s b###ed almost everywhere… But where it’s not, you damn well can track their orders.

Should someone say something?

I suppose I would be fine if the restrictions imposed were applied equally but they never are. For example:

Congress Woman AOC rages against meat, then enjoys hamburger.

Al Gore’s (inventor of the internet and global warming spokesman) home uses 20 times the energy of the average U.S. home.

Bernie Sanders makes 1million selling a book (definition of capitalism).

My point is the rules imposed never seem to apply to those that make the rules, so call be skeptical that those calling for these bans will adjust their own lifestyles.

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Which is where more common sense and less smear come into play.

One of my favourite old (lawyer) sayings is:

  • if you have the facts, hammer the facts
  • if you have the law, hammer the law
  • if you have neither, hammer the table

I’m not going to get into politics but I’d highly recommend you watch a movie (or better read the book) “Thank you for Smoking” about how fun repositioning unpopular problems can be


Nailed it :joy:

Livestock, cows, pigs, chickens, etc are the number source of pollution. They take vast amounts of land, we also have to grow food like corn, etc for them to eat, taking more land, they take water, they give off emissions in the form of farts (yea i know hehe i said fart) they also take up vast amounts of antibiotics and most diseases come from them. If we were to convert all transportation, cars, trucks, planes, ships, boats, buses, etc to electric and shut off all coal fired plants also it still wouldnt have as big as an impact if we stopped factory farming animals.

I will say this, i am not vegan or vegetarian, meat is poison and humans have been tricked into thinking they NEED it, you need protein, carbs, fats, etc. As for taste, go bite into a cow and let me know how it taste, the taste of your juicy steak and burger comes from spices, raw meat does not taste good, try it yourself.

I will say this also, no matter how much people rage, cry, make fun of, etc. The world is changing and will do so with or without you, i have a saying “get with the times or get left behind” a good example of this was when we used whale fat for fuel, we moved to oil and coal, the whalers were angry, they raged, they protested, they huffed and they puffed but they did not stop the world from moving forward and they got left behind without jobs. Same thing i tell a buddy of mine who is a truck driver, electric sepf driving cars are coming, maybe not in his life time but they are coming and those jobs will go away, same for fast food or jobs at amazon, they will be replaced by bots and AI and it doesnt matter if you dont like it. That being said, veggie/vegan meats made from plants and meat grown from cells is coming/will be the norm amd factory farming animals will be a thing of the past. Not in our lifetime but prob in your grandchilds lifetime. This is also needed cause it is projected the world will be at 10 billion, i say closer to 11 billion by the year 2050 and we have to increase food output by about 70% and factory farming animals isnt going to work, we will spend much more money, destroy more land, use more drinking water (which is another big issue) so people can have their cheeseburgers but that isnt how the world works and thankfully we are moving foward on this and many other things that are much needed in the world.

TL;DR prob why we have a lot of issues we have is people cant/dont read and dont do their own research


Thats a good movie

This just made me moist :wink: those charts, those facts, mmmmm mmmm im all hot and bothered now

Sounds like someone needs a falafel


Dont say its name 3 times or it may appear :scream: