I am calling bs on ar upgrade and tier gear


Nine 77% ar upgrade attempts with zero results. these odds are far worse than vegas. and what makes it even worse is the lack of basic tier up gear. I personally am becoming very disenchanted with the game considering there seems to no real avenue for upward movement. three weeks and one alpinestock?? Sorry scopely but a very poor long term sustainable business plan. the lack of basics are being missed by a rediculous odds based system that clearly shows bias towards the player


Yep we all know that AR display is bunk, but I don’t think we have gotten an official statement from Scopes.


I call bs on the business plan or lack of gradual intelligence with Scopely. The 6* rort lacks forsight when in reality we are still in the 5* economy…for example gear (impossible to slim CHANCE), TG still pumping 3* every second day or hit 2* every 15 minutes, the very slim chance of farming lilith and 0 chance of Ulysses, lets not forget the wasted and difficulty of upgrading weapons to remain competitive BUT keep on surviving!


In general, the whole game is being slowed down. Milestones are getting higher, while prizes are getting worse. There has been plenty of community outcry, and yet it continues steadily. I’m pretty sure the role of the CM is more to prevent organised reprisal from the community #blockedouttext. Not so much to assist in making a “player first” game.

Still, I remember having similar problems when I still cared about 5* ARs. There were a couple of toons that were a real PITA to level their ARs, even with Magnas old base. I’m sceptical that the numbers given are accurate, but the RNG is really REALLY streaky. I’ve used upwards of 120 2*s in a row without luck, but I’ve also had 3 and 4 ARs in single batches of 10. When it rains, it pours. Honestly, and I’m not trying to be an arse here, keep at it.

Also, re:alpenstocks. When you get to a certain point, you won’t really think much about them. You will start farming gear maps for beanies/flaks, and that gear will drop all the time. I generally try to keep about 20 of each handy at one time, and just sell the rest. I don’t have much use for them these days. Most 5*s get t2 maxed and then used as fodder anyway.