I am asking nicely

Okay. Ill make this brief, or try… Scopely these are some issues I’ve heard both from on here and in game. Please, work on these things. It’ll make A world of difference. A.) Make S class collectibles more attainable for every one.
B.) Use choice boxes so everyone’s happy
C.) Give us collectibles in the league/ depot.
D.) Decrease prices in the depot. As hard as SR has become, the tokens are harder to get which means they are actually worth more then anything for sale in depot.
E.) Stop putting 40 helper, F.A. bosses, and ascend 5 times in missions. Its unrealistic.
F.) Get the pathways guy and get him to work on our next good event cause the last few have been more agony then pleasure.
G.) Do something abt the rewarding system bc at the moment it totally sucks.
H.)Be more empathic to your players base. We all want a fun game. It helps when you listen and fix the things that aren’t working. Whales are going to spend whether you give good rewards or not, the diff is your playerbase will be much happier. If you would just implement a few of these things it’d be a good start. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.


Unfortunately, they do not care about this.


It don’t hurt to ask. Lol. I know. I’m wishful thinking. But maybe if they keep seeing it, they’ll get it through there little stony heads.


Bold of you to say that they have heads at all.


Indeed. I’m feeling frisky. Lmao

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Honestly I think they’re just trying to milk all the top players that throw money at this game before they pull the plug even though it looks like they’re trying to better the game they’re not they’re just biding their time till they can call it quits


I disagree with virtually everything here.

But one thing I want to stress in particular now: Please don’t do a Pathways event again, it was one of the worst events ever.

  • The event was ridiculously complex, with all the different energy types, and spending x of one to get y ot the other, then spending some of that to get ones form the first again. You constantly had to do ridiculous amounts of math to keep track of everything. I don’t mind the spend one to get the other events too much, as in the Typhoon event (which also sucked, but for different reasons), but this was by far too much, and one slip-up, like runnnig a single stage you shouldn’t have, might easily cost you the whole event.
  • The amount of completely pointless, ridiculous grind was absolutely out of this world. Having faction mates drop their defenses and battling them hundreds of times, all the pointless leveling of 2*, fleeing SR stages and Walker hordes battles, I hope I never have to go through that again.
  • The difficulty of the faction missions was way beyond reasonable even for active mid-tier factions. 30,000 war battles in a month? 16,500 territory battles? These were completely unrealistic for most factions; sometimes even just the first level was barely achievable.
  • The difficulty of the Alpha map in particular was extremely high. If you did not have a very good roster and tight play, you didn’t have a chance. I don’t mind optional high-difficulty material at all and love the new Survival Road (sometimes love to hate it, but I’m a fan). But this one was not optional, because
  • For a whole month, every single misstep could easily cost you the whole event. Mess up a stage, or deviate from the optimal line a little bit? You quite likely get essentially nothing. Busy with work/life the one time the Hordes tournament ran? You quite possibly got nothing (despite the compensation they handed out)
  • The rewards were alright, but not compared to the stupid amount of effort required. Piper is a good character, but so was Michelle, and while a lot of people in my faction didn’t get her, I think I might be the only one who got Piper. The Liliths and mods were alright and in decent amounts though, so that was good I guess.

I’m not sure I can handle going through all that again.


Didn’t you want to stop playing and supporting this company? :joy:


Tagging @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron r u bud

pathways guy got moved to tea making duty for making a good event


I agree about some of these milestones. It’s not fair the game out of nowhere rewards ppl who hoard certain tokens or rewards ppl whose fellow fac members can hire them 320 times over two weeks. Hello, some of us have jobs…

Milestones should be achievable by me as a player without anyone else’s input.


This is the dumbest idea ever, the person who come up with this need to be fired right away

Unfortunately he got promoted. Screwing the players over to have to spend on stupid shit to get a single rick doll or other “blazing hot” rewards

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I agree wholeheartedly. Pathways was a mess and people remember it with rose colored glasses due to coin gate and benes.


I read please don’t make another Pathways event and I immediately stopped reading what looked like eventually turned into the Gettysburg address.

Just the first words proves the poster must be under some kind of duress so shouldn’t be taken seriously :grin:

Coingate was “Soldiers of Fortune” though, the event before Pathways. It was a neat little side event that went spectacularly wrong. One of my top contenders for worst event in a year of bad events, together with the anniversary event: one a tragedy, the other one a farce.

@jaxie lol dude, if you want to throw shade at me for writing too long that’s fine, but comparing it to the prototype of the concise, effective political speech seems counterproductive? :slight_smile:

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Come on it was funny!

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Yeah, I would have expected War And Peace or something. Unusual choice, but appreciated! :slight_smile:


I NEVER said I was retiring. Nice try tho. I get aggravated just like everyone else. Thanks

At least I tried. What else is anti e doing?