I already have a plan for when I quit


So I thought main would be a tad bit better than it actually is(buff it) and I would up doing a single pull for a new threat negan.

Fight now I have the five star at t3 level 44 and I don’t plan on ascending him because other than stats the 5* is better than his 6*. I bet you can see where this is going. When a do quit I’m going to ascend him and level him as high as possible. I’ll probably be the only dumbass to ascend him because of how garbage his 6* is. Another thing: why is faction assault negan immune to maim? It’s not like he does any healing. Either way once I do that I’m gonna put him on a team with lucielle and any other negan I have by then and name myself the negan patrol.

That’s my plan for quitting. What’s yours?





Why not just destroyed everything and depot the rest,that way you won’t have to be tempted to comeback?

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But then I wouldn’t have a pretty avatar to grace my region with



That’s a pretty lame plan tbh. It’s not even a full Negan patrol.



What do you mean I have the new threat negan the limited edition from the mic hone head bs event, the 5* given out with a new threat and 3* prestige and something to fear.



Has to be all 5*s or higher, go big or go home.



The 6* Negan tears apart the epic version. It’s not even close to Wyatt’s discussion.



I will sell all of my replenishes before I quit!
That’ll teach them muhahahaha
; p

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I’m not worried; I’m just saying it’s pretty lame. I didn’t realize I couldn’t express my opinions.



When it’s my time to quit, my plan is to not come on the forum to tell everyone about it because it’s none if their business, in which nobody cares who leaves anyways. Smh… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



More quitting threads to solicit sympathy.



I didn’t say I was quitting. I said what I would do when I quit.



I don’t plan on quitting and when and if I do quit I don’t plan on making an announcement of it.



Start doing something productive. That;'s my quitting plan.



I’m going to have a cry on the forums in the hope that I get attention from everyone before I do quit - like everyone else does. Then I’m going to keep playing and keep spending - like everyone else does. Then I’m going to troll the forums posting negative crap and be a total dick in the hopes of getting banned before I quit - like everyone else does. Then I’ll still keep playing, telling everyone now I’m F2P - like everyone else does.

Oh wait, no I wont, I’ll just uninstall - LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD!!!

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Are you still salty because I proved you wrong the other time?

And I am practicing what I preach. I didn’t say, “you can’t talk about quitting,” but rather just voicing an opinion about how I think it’s a lame way to go out on. I won’t sequester opinions because those are open for criticisms, but when you try to say something as facts,(like how you didn’t know we were given FA tickets twice), I’ll correct them you on that.

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Don’t try to reason with a troll. It’s just food for him.



Sure… everyone, including the developer, is a troll because they were telling you how execute actually works, rather than your perception of how execute should work.



I was joking with the dev. If it went over his head oh well.

You are the only troll around.