I actually think the mods are a bit cool in a way

While it’s a bit of a longshot, epics could potentially make a comeback.

Thought so at first BUT why put mods on a 5* when you can put them on your 6*.

5* immediately irrelevant again


Not to mention 6s can have 2

I think that should be the other way around. Let 5s have 2, and 6s have 1.

Give 5* some value again

What do you think about this @Agrajag? It might be a people pleaser, and make some of those countless promos people bought a little more useful.


Even if they did put 2 on 5s still not enough to make them usable unfortunatly maybe don’t give them to 6s

True. It’s a bit frustrating.

Yeah I know. They’d still be semi-better though.

They’d be better in SR though, being able to resist stun and impair. And you can have effects on attack, right? It’ll definitely be a gamechanger in that aspect. But as far as raiding and wars go, it’ll be a longshot.

That’s a solid point.

Wanna see a 5* cacth up with this
Good luck

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Fair enough.
Though, I honestly doubt most will even acquire those mods.

People who spend on this game will. Easily.

F2P not a chance in hell with scopely rng and generosity.


If these are rewards they’ll have the same power creep issue that was the first reason they stopped giving real rewards.

So we’ll have stronger toons, but less diverse teams. Sad

there are a bunch of dif. mods . rng the hell outta the drops…never know what you will get., but im sure i wont have over fifty mods when 12.0 goes live

This sounds more like it will deader the game even more.I haven’t had time to test it out yet so No Judgement

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