I actually like onslaught

Get mad RTS community and come at me bruhs. Seriously i like onslaught and it seems no matter what this community hates everything, i now understand the people that say “stop complaining” these forums are very toxic. Instead of raging what if we can see the good and the bad in things and provide feedback? Let me start with onslaught.

The milestone rewards for the faction as a whole is great! This allows some who cant play cause of work, school, sleep, vacation, sick, etc to be able to get those even without hitting but the contribution thing allows leaders to see who is doing nothing in the fac. Good job with this reward structure! I give it an A.

No ques, less stress, (maybe some want that.) I personally like this a lot more, i can hop on if i am able and do my 4 attacks and done.

Mods and stuff still dropping after fights tho i have never got a gold mod. Imo this should be changed to a box like war or raids, you can have lilths, ulysess, bennidicts, s class items like keys for pete and cones for priya, gold mods, etc.

The wait time even after you lose or win needs to be changed, maybe 15 - 30 min. This will help speed up matchs, allowing factions to get in more hits to earn those milestones while allowing someone who is maybe late to the party to still get in some attacks. Middle ground really needs to be found here.

Matchmaking is still bad. These million dollar teams are laughable. This of course is an issue overall and one of the main things PU and the player base wants to close! #closethegap

Faction rank rewards on top of these milestone ones would be amazing.

Individual milestones, i am torn, on one side it would be nice to have but on the other that creates the stress and issues that i mentioned above.

Not sure how i feel about the one life, maybe 2 would be good.

Having onslaught replace events like level up or raids would be great as those every week get so draining, in fact onslaught can replace war for all i care.

All in all, i like onslaught and think this is improved and would like to see more of this, just needs a little more work imho.
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No polls for you today! :stuck_out_tongue:


I look forward to @Parker response :smirk:

Are you serious with this or is this Opposite Day and you are saying the opposite of what you mean?

Well I just think this post indicates you’ve been Player Councilled :rofl:

But in all serious, (as intial replies think you’re trolling lol) I agree I do like it a lot more this time. It needs perfecting, as with most things.

  • Ending the match when first team dies, or <15 minutes
  • Actual prizes. Trophies aren’t prizes. Issue for all league tourneys
  • Vary the AR requirement each time. I don’t mind it once
  • I’ve always thought Onslaught was a good mode for prize-per-hit, 5* tokens, collectable boxes. Make every hit feel important (as it’s limited)
  • Also as a faction tourney there needs to be some way I can see overall contribution of my members

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s fine. Variation is good. They can wait for their Hordes, or War, or Level Up. As long as the calendar doesn’t over or underuse an event too much.


I was biting the bait unitil this part :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I am serious, i say so at the beginning of my post.

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No bait, this past war was stressful and had shit rewards.

You guys are aware that some facs have STILL not matched? That with the mandatory hour cycle it will be difficult to get 500 in? That we aren’t getting the gold mod drops we used to get (anecdotal since we didn’t match the first hour)?


That is overall what i am saying, this is better but still needs work.


I am aware of that issue but have not had it so all i can say really is that sucks and should be fixed. I never got a gold mod from any onslaught anyways. These 2 things dont make me hate onslaught.

I don’t hate Onslaught, I hate incompetence.

Yet again, Scopely deployed a broken event. We are so used to broken events, it seems we now celebrate it as a success because at least we aren’t locked out of the game.


Looool even though I fell asleep during this slow raid tourney, it’s still much better than SR


I’ve always said everything scopely touchs gets broken. Tho this isnt broken for me so i cant comment about that but can empathize.

SR is my most hated event lol


Are you referring to the wait times? I don’t think it’s a bug per se as much as it’s bad design. Everyone’s fixed into matches for an hour. So there’s no factions in the pool for 59 minutes for any odd numbered faction

Lol this is what i mean though, We don’t measure from good anymore, we just measure from the worst. It’s better than SR, better than being locked out of the game, better than Scopely coming in and taking my coins, better than being hijacked by a hacker, better than getting poked on the eye with a sharp stick,


I don’t understand your last sentence. Several facs stillhave not matched at all.

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If there’s 27 factions in a league. Then 27 is in trouble.

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Looool love it, nice analogy and spot on
For me
Wars > Arena (ol school n draft domination) > Raid? > FA > onslaught > Lvl up > … > … > SR

And it takes a genius to figure out that if you lock everyone in for a hour then there will be matching issues. And by issues I mean a clusterf***. This is plain simple incompetence. The best event in the world sucks if you cannot participate in it, and this is far from the best event in the world.

Onslaught - slightly better than SR and being impaled by a stick. What an achievement.