Hypothetical Situation: Wanderer in SD


I heard he goes for about 40k markers. It’s most likely all I’ve seen him at. So I’m saving my 8 Bennies for Shiva and if possible, I’ll use all the other trainers for Lori in hopes of getting her legendary version from the museum. However, I like Wanderer and his all-ranged lead skill. And I heard two toons of the future 10 were already hinted at being made ascendable soon and my money’s on him. I have hope he’s the F2P Spencer. So if he was to show up in the depot in about 1-2 days, would it be worth pawning trainers for him or just focus on Shiva? Bennies come at a steady pace with these solo events and I’m about 70k-something short of ascending.


Wanderer is gonna be a 6* I’m pretty sure he’s on the new list but it’s probably gonna take a long time so I’d just level up that Shiva and buy wanderer later


He is on the next list. I bought him for 42k the first time he popped up in my depot. Sold 40k worth of fodder dupes and 4*s to buy him. Mostly cause i always wanted him lol


Perhaps once they get Lydia, Abe, and Aiko (might be missing one more) out, they’ll get started on the new 10. Not sure why have an Aaron stash out. Let’s see what they do afterwards.


Wanderer is worth having just for his Avatar :joy:


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