Hunting.... any hunters out there?

Yup… if u couldnt tell by my avatar. I am a hunter. I hunt deer… moose… grouse… rabbit… elk… and one day when i get the right oppertunity… a bear. Not sure what the rules are about those kinda pics here, but just wanted to see how many ppl here share the same enjoyment of the outdoors as myself.

I hunt to eat… not trophies (a nice rack is a bonus tho) and have taught my 20yo daughter to hunt as well as my 14yo son. (Crazy im only 39 and my daughter is just a few months from 20 and looks very similar to Jennifer lawrence and is also a martial artist… in other words a real life “katnis”). We take multiple trips a year to try and fill our freezer with organic meat to avoid steroids and hormones in the store bought stuff.

This year unfortunately the large game eluded us and my son shot 40 snow shoe hares.

If you hunt… how was your season? Mines over… ended dec.11th :frowning:



Our deer season ends the 15th, one more weekend :frowning:

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I like to trap.

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Lucky! Take me with you!.. im canadian tho… :confused:

Oh? I take it u have a quota to fill? Do you get to carry a side arm for bear protection?

I do it mostly in my back yard for coyotes. No quotas. Live way out in the country.
Part of my yard-

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Whoah looks like alberta… can watch ur dog run away for 3 days… my hunting area is both sides of this valley… lots of steep terrain chasin mulies…


I put alot of kilometers on my boots there… camp is on the far side and in the treeline on tje right side.

I don’t hunt, but I know hunters who like to share. Venison is lovely in burger, steak, and sausage form.

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Sharing is caring! :slight_smile:

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Heres a view from the other side looking back towards from where i took the previous

Pretty much directly across…


Spent the last eight years deer hunting on my parents farm, but they sold out and moved 9 hours away so my son and I haven’t gone in two years. He’s 18 now, and starting college in Idaho in the fall. He’s looking forward to big game hunting up there.


Its a 6hr drive from home and an area i have hunted for last 10 seasons… almost always produces … beem skunked a couple times tho. :frowning: … gas is 1.40 per litre CAD. Ugh… i wana just move outa the darn city and find a place closer to “hunting in my back yard”


Darn man sorry the farm got sold… awesome you got to experience that much hunting there tho like that… nothin like gettin out in the woods. All your senses go up… energized… alert… focused… internet? Wtfs internet? … lol… ohh shyt a deer!!.Booom! Lol… yeah man i need to get into the woods every year…

Tally ho!
Only foxes (introduced species over here)


No thanks, don’t want to see hunting pics, go to a hunting forum for that.