Hunters log event

Tomorrow hunters log is listed to start but there is no info about what it entails or what toons will be available unlike usual. Anyone have any idea?

So many events so little time. Wonder if there will be a way to get benny’s and Bernadette? One can hope but chances are slim.

I remember when scopes said we would get more info in advance to prepare sigh

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Or school bags and walkie talkies

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if ur on discord u prolly got wind of it last month

I’m not lol

Refuse to do so. They made the forums for this. But since they suck at their job so much to never post information. They move for a more real-time lame chat room.

Thanks scrot**y


Looking into my crystal ball…

It will be a boring, grind event where you can get feck all rewards… wait just seeing some more… if you spend you get buttloads of honey pots, but pay over the odds for them…

Oh and poorly themed on hunting/bears with some annoying rms you just want to skip.


Judging by the fact I got 10 Seltzer’s every single day I don’t fancy my chances of getting the golden quill in this event. I hate RNG events.

Also you can buy one bear paw token for 200 silver quills. I would like to know if this is one of the paws they said is available through gameplay. If so I hope the amounts in the bag are decent enough that we don’t get screwed out of getting Brutus by RNG.

EDIT: 1 arrow from the first bag. Awesome start :roll_eyes::unamused:


Reports in my faction are all 1 arrow so far


1 arrow for me on my first bag. I did have to lol because massive disappointment is now my expected reaction to everything scopely does.


can I point out that the arrow drop rates in the roadmap are again obscured?

Am I supposed to take an event seriously if you won’t even disclose the drop spread? here I am thinking I would really like those Jacki cards, I would buy an arrow pack or two if I thought I could get some.

Knowing that there is probably a 98% chance that every one of those arrow bags would give me the minimum number of arrows, I think ill have to save my money until I know where those dollars are going to go. Being shady about your drops just cost you a sale scopely.


I always wondered how putting an F U option in everything was good for player satisfaction, customer retention, and sales. I stay away from every rng bag there is cos they always suck.


The arrow drop rate will be like the seltzer’s: 99.99% chance of getting 1 each day, 0.00001% of hitting the mother lode 5 arrows.


Yup their terrible odds have always put me off buying anything with an rng element. I always look at what the worst thing in the bag is, assume that is what I’ll get and then I don’t buy it.

Like the beehive bags for coins. If I bought the bag it’s because I want beehives. But instead I have a 50% (but let’s face it more like 95%) chance of getting world cans or Burt’s instead. So I’ll keep my coins, thanks.


So 1 arrow here. Let’s assume 99.99999999999999999% chance we can miss 8 runs and do golden twice

So, lets do some math here based on this exciting odds from the bags!!

28 total runs for arrow roadmap means 28 arows based on odds from arrow bag.

28 arrows mean two runs on golden quill roadmap. Every stage will give you one bag with quills (5 bags total), and running two times means 10 bags.

Based on typical Scopely odds on this another bag we will earn the minimum amount of 8 quills on each one, 80 quills total.

With 80 quills we can exchange for one box with 200/300 cards… Damn, thats too bad lol.
In summer seltzer we earn the minimum amount of 1000 cards of high quality toons like Trader and Rick only doing daily login.


This is what concerns me about the single bear paw token you can buy for 200 quills. If the odds are stacked against you being able to get 200, I hope bad rng doesn’t leave people short of claiming Brutus.


I’m absolutely concerned that I won’t get brutus because of some BS RNG garbage


They said on blog we will earn, at least enough bear paw tokens for Brutus through 5 weeks event based on gameplay of classic events (SR, raids, bee hives roadmap), but honestly I’m starting to doubt.