Humble brag RNG

Not a big spender, but do spend a bit. Only ever got one promo and that was after my only ever 40 pull and a second 10 pull for hershel when he first came out.
Mostly do singles and the occasional 10 now with very little luck and no promos. My faction started getting the skull coins today and pulled some low denomination coins. Tried a few for Doc Stephen’s but no go. Had enough coins for one more pull just after new promo started. Got 5* Tobin. Really happy with him. Little later this afternoon got another skull token, another 300 coins and another 5* Tobin. What are the odds on successive promo pulls back to back. Think over burned my luck for the next two years there.

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That’s insane luck! Unlucky people have to catch a break eventually!

And just think if your faction manages to get a war pull… they will now give you another Tobin


I got two stun weapons this week.

On 4⭐ weapons. Not much to some but trust, it’s a huge, pent up W for me.


Nice! I still have not been able to get a single stun weapon yet.

My own lucky RNG. Needed Fast Glenn and Fast Camilla to get Harper from the Build your Melee Team event. I only had enough saved up coins to get 30 wine bottles to get one of the guaranteed 5* or Harper. Ended up getting Glenn off a war pull, and got Camilla from one of the 30 pulls for wine bottles, which got me Harper perfectly. Also pulled Alpha/Chris a while back via 5* tokens/war pulls which were needed for Harper too.

I’ve never had such luck. But that’s awesome

This happened to me but it wasn’t a promo, it was normal ascendables. Bruce and Anna back to back single pulls on different wheels.

I pulled Camila after three pulls during the same event. Luckiest i’ve ever been.

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