Human Shield Magna : 3 Minute Video

Here is a brief 3 minute look at the latest Human Shield to the game : Magna!

I will talk about Team Synergy, Counters to Magna, Weapons and an Overview of her stats.

I hope you enjoy.


Thanks! I got her yesterday from a single pull. I’m no longer PO’d since I had her 5* alert version. :joy:

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Yeahhhh!!! Congrats!! Have you power leveled her yet?

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s like here’s a toon that will absolutely give you an edge so long as your willing to pay for it. Combine it with Erika and a couple of blue Michonnes and your set. Especially with the stupid mods that will be here shortly.

P2W at it’s finest.


This game was always P2W, slightly bridged the gap with the 6* hard reset. But now we’re seeing a blast from the past with more and more overpowered promo toons.

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Have had this team up for some friendly raid trails and I can promise it is a bitch without a super control team and rng luck.

Dante has stun. Magna impair. Koa minus ap. Two confuse Mich both with huge ap and 40 and 38 attack. Fully upgraded weapons as well in terms of hp and defense boost. Looking forward to crw :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s actually +125% :wink:

100% + (100% x 50%) = 150%
150% + (150% x 50%) = 150% + 75% = 225%

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Damnit I just tested this out on a roadmap. yes it is 125%… Oh damnit I hate giving wrong information.

I understand how the math works now.

Thank you.

Thanks! Not yet. Working on it :slight_smile:

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@GGBSBN That is very close to a team comp I would love to have for a defense team haha. Wow… I would be so sad if I went up against that team. I want to heart your post 5 times for 5 really great choices you made.

I do run a Dante team lead comp and I literally just auto play raids unless it is a 3 shiva team comp then well my head spins so much from being confused it snaps lol. Able to get video footage of your faction mates raiding your team?

Grats on your team as that baby is rock solid. Well deserved for your efforts.

The day that beautiful woman gets in your roster please send me a screenshot of your team. :smiley:

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Will do!

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I find her not a problem tbh. Rick / Sandy attack is devastating.

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By herself, on defense, Michonne is an easy kill but put her behind Magna and with the upcoming mods, she will be devastating on defense as well as a dominating force on offense. When Michonne goes off you die.


Monica buff?

Probably means kate


Yeah I thought that was the one as I’ve had Monica the red 5 star war prize indomitable who only gives bonus hp, a heal and recover impair. :sunglasses::grinning::heart_eyes: