Human Shield Known Issue 1/15

Greetings Survivors,

There is currently a known issue where the Normalize ability can sometimes crash combat when used against a Human Shield character (which may appear as combat becoming unresponsive). We are aware of the issue and in the process of developing a fix. In the meantime, if you encounter this issue, please restart your game. We’ll update the community once we have more information. Thank you!


even when it doesnt crash if you kill the shield, the rest if the enemy stay shielded ending your turn instead of just removing the shield as it would if killed with out being normalized

yeah saw,that a few times in war, used priya to kill a shield but after first attack (didnt get stnunned) it noted no targets

dosnt happen all the time, wasnt able to find put what triggered ot

If you normalize a human shield, kill the human shield same turn - your turn would end even if you had toons who could attack

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You should try testing these things in the beta before putting them into the live game?


correct but that shouldnt happen

Mhm I know I was just explaining to the guy above what was happening (:

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lapoa seems to have been fixed now I faced lots over the weekend who used her active t1

Not at all, have plenty of video where she is still broke on iOS

We figured out a bug in your game weeks ago & you are just now acknowledging it?



So what your saying is everyone put a Shield up Woo Hoo

Which just happens to get an s class tomorrow

A reputable company would resolve the issue BEFORE putting a new money spinner up that is affected by said issue

Only fixed it because frost is conviently next promo
And a sheild

Why what’s wrong with laopo he is a beast with his rush on defence

She, Lao Po means wife

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You guys better delay frost… what a joke that would be.