Human shield bug

Could not target Naya, bug lasted multiple rounds

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Who’s the toon on the defense that’s dead? Can you catch this on video?

that’s a new feature called wandering shield.

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I wanna know the bug where i randomly win the raid with toons on the other team alive and when i randomly time out for no reason.

Looks like green maim negan. Dont inow any other people who apply 600 maim damage


Blue Morgan does 600 maim damage.


Nik does 600 maim also

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Does it matter?

I’d rather see talk about the decap bug I ran into today, I decapitated 3 toons and twice they revived after being decapitated in 2 raids VS the same team

Pretty sure it was Andrea shield. Probably can’t catch on video, played again and didn’t happen, think it happened after Nik rushed

Nik deals 600 maim

Does he? I really didn’t pay attention to him as I didn’t need him for my team

same over here

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It must be the added benefit of being SC subscriber…

I wanna know just the win part so I can use this in war(for science)You guys can totally trust me.:grin:

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Same happened to me to, I couldn’t work out what happened lol

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