Human Shield Andrea Survivors Club Video

Lets take a look at Survivors Club Human Shield Andrea! What are your thoughts about her?


Concerning who made her? A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a Trojan Horse, any lure to get a big fish to bite. Concerning her as a character? As someone else said, a slightly ineffective shield considering there are so many hard-hitting greens (i.e. Shiva), and whoever puts her as the lead risks getting their team leveled by the occasional Carl. We asked for a free shield, not a lure. Thanks but no thanks :+1:


Ok. So do you think Jesus is a slightly ineffective shield since he is yellow? Not saying she is as good, but put abso on her and she will be a pain for a lot of people. I agree about using her as lead. Thats just dumb.


Every character has something that makes them ineffective. Blue Ty (or any decap, really) makes Erika (or any reviver) less effective. Disarm will render Absolute Defense useless, and then really any green will suffice to finish the job. So, I know Jesus is super good because of Absolute Defense, but of course he’ll be slightly ineffective against SOMEONE.

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I’m all in, excited for her utility

Scopely has finally lost its 12th mind!

Why is it scopely can address this but can’t address all the important question players have asked like how many roadmaps will it take to max her and what price are you going to lower the subscription to because ur crazy to think that this subscription is worth 25 bucks a month

My green bruce eats shield jesus for breakfast lunch and dinner


How do you expect them to answer that… if you know that then you will probably not sign up and they want you to.

But based on beta you get a daily roadmap with items that are required for Andrea… but the bag which contains is rng based. So the number of items will vary. So based on this I can surely tell you that you will never have an answer or a correct one for that question.

I unfortunately cannot confirm how many pieces of those items Andrea needs cos she was never given out in beta. I am assuming for the very same reason… cos if we had her we would know how long it would take to level her

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every shield will have his counter card, romanow will destroy magna, shiva/bruce will work on jesus etc etc

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Great analysis as always!
Would be cool if you expanded it to older characters as well.

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The problem is how long it will take to ascend this character… At most you can get 12 comics per week… You may be lucky, and get her ready for ascension in a month maybe 2, but then the real fucking begins… Once ascended the comic count will climb exponentially… With the final comic count being 999 on her final tier… With the maximum allotted comics each week her final tier will take 84 weeks to achieve… With a grand total just for that tier reaching $525… Now that’s not including any other comics you will need for the prior tiers… That is only for the last tier of the 6* Andrea… But hey you get a few other perks along the way I guess… Double resources, a premiere pull daily, and you can craft without needing some gear…
I still have yet to max out the prestige michonne, and that’s been 2 years waiting… So by scopely logic when you do finally get Andrea maxed out 2 years down the road she’ll be useless, cause there will be 7* toons by then… Waste of money

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