Human shield and revive as active skills


Though my suggestion might seem silly still hear me out:

I’m thinking that human shield and revive are two op skills that should have limited use.

We all know how tanky lee and Michonne is behind Carl, especially michonne with abs df, imagine 6* yellow human shield, about 1500base df, and 1800 base hp with abs df weapon and behind Carl.

Active skill human shield: Just like every active skill it will only be available when it finishes cool down and say it should be something like “human shield for 2 turns”. It’s going to be tanky but that way you atleast have a chance to do attacks when the human shield is down ( bare in mind it can still be countered by stun/taunt/confuse/focus etc)

Revive wasn’t really a pain when their was only 5s, but having 6s with revive now taking in to consideration how hard it is to take out one is going to be a pain.

Active skill revive : Make it something like “ revive 2 teammates with x amount hp”(with a varying amount of hp). Making revive an active skill limits its use but atleast you wouldn’t have to worry about being impaired (rush disabled)

Let me know your thoughts about it or something that I missed.


Interesting idea.

Not that I’m a big spender now but I don’t think I’d pay for one as a active skill only. But I do like the idea.

Since it’s not an immediate shield, do you put a strickly defensive weapon on that toon or more offensive… Also, it will depend on how good or bad their AR rush is as well.

On second thought an active skill for revive is much better as it could possible revive someone quicker (instead of someone with a slower AR)



Interesting idea, I believe that they have introduced the Active skills as a way of combating things like human shields and the multiple effects that are part of rushes and weapon mods.

A human shield Active Skill would be basically useless on defence if it can’t kick in until their second turn, as everybody would just start running Shiva and Stunning them second turn on attack. or somebody like Hershal with Focus so that toons can just ignore it and let them waste a turn by activating the shield.

Its an interesting thought, but I think that the active skills are there to counter this rather be a way of providing these particular skills. especially as we get more 6* toons the options with a stun or focus active skill will only increase and make this less and less viable.

I have mainly thought about the shield here, the revive on active skill might just make it possible to revive too often, every second/third turn would basically be a chance to revive somebody if needed in a raid and that seems like too much, especially if you had multiple toons with this ability.


haha just noticed your post appeared while typing mine out, like the way we both start with Interesting idea.


You forgot that ascended characters do 2x as much damage. I can damn near one shot michone as is.


Yeah but that wont be the case if it is a 6* shield will it. which is the whole point of this post.


Exactly. They go back to being shields instead of a ballon that pops.


Not everyone would have full 6* attack teams that work well well together so going up against a 6* shield with 5*s is just impossible


ahh fair play, I misunderstood what you were saying, yeah their stats should go up in about the same ratio as the other 6* so it shouldn’t really be a problem. I think they should have shields in the same way they do now, not sure we are ready for shields quite yet, but then I didn’t think we were quite ready for a revive and Scopely think differently.


Yeah, I get what you mean about active skills being counter skills, I didn’t really think of them as that but thinking about it now you’re right. Still I feel having some limit to human shield and revive usage for 6s should be made. Not enough 6s in game for us to act like “well 5s had it so why not 6s”


Hmmm I get where you’re coming from, thinking about it, having human shield as active skill in attk would kinda be stupid. If u trigger the shield say for 2 turns then you can’t use that toon until the two turns are up. I guess I just thought about shielding in df and not attk. Revive would definitely be worth trying tho.


oh yeah I think we will and should end up with a 6* shield, but not yet, no doubt it will be next week after the revive this week, but it should probably be after we have had another 6 or so old 5* become ascendable so that we have more variety and more people have the toons to try to counter it.

Like you said just because we had the 5* version doesn’t mean we need it in the 6* world, but I think we will get it, but I just hope it is a little way off as the game isn’t ready for it yet.