Human shield 2 idea (spelling corrected)


When using a active skill or defending all enimie can only target this allie
Thought that 6* sheild with only human sheild wouldnt be good because they wouldn’t defend if using a active on defence


As in, the attacker disarms the shield’s weapon, or the shield disarms the attacker’s weapon? Because I think attacker disarming the shield’s weapon actually sounds pretty well balanced for 6 star shields. I think that’d be a pretty great solution to the the major issues tha would arise from 6 star human shields


Short answer, attacker attacks defender. Defender disarms attacker.

Shorter answer, 6⭐ shield breaks game.


Human shield 2: immune to weapon effects(stun,impair)


Doesn’t need a second type.


Attack or defense, anyone who has it will definitely have a better advantage over the enemy. High stats than 5⭐s plus the fact that in addition to having a chance to disarm while being attack, there’s also any special traits they have on a weapon. So hypothetically if this specialist skill in on a Fast/Alert toon, I predict that raids will end in timeout or the easiest smackdown brought down to even those with multiple legendaries.


Human Shield: If he goes into defense mode, he gets 50% defense bonus.

Human Shield II: (Several possibilities to tell the truth)

  1. 100% defensive bonus instead of 50%.

  2. 50% chance to gain half of the Health Hit damage with the 50% Defense Defense Bonus.

  3. With the 50% defense bonus with the defense mode, he gets the ‘Deviation’ effect *.

Deviation: 50% chance to share damage received with adjacent teammates. All sources of direct damage (Adrenaline / Normal Attack).


There shouldn’t be a human shield 2


They shouldn’t make a 6-star human shield but you know they will. The whales will spend like there’s no tomorrow for any kind of edge. It might be one of the new leaked toons. Forgot his hame but Shane posted a comment when someone questioned why Scopes would make such a crappy toon with such a crappy ability. She rarely gets in on a discussion so there has to be something to it. He’s green so at least theres that.


I don’t have any problem with a six star human shield. That’s a natural and expected addition.


Of course, its expected. The game pay to win is it not? Gotta feed those egos and scopes is more than happy to take their cash.

If they were really smart they would start getting into the whole cosmetic aspect of loot box driven games. They could make a small fortune if they sold costumes and weapon skins that gave small bonuses to the toons bury it with impossible to pull odds on rng crates and there you go that’s right up Scopes alley.