Huge drop leaders


I thought gator was a huge drop lead? … is that even a thing? I swear that was a thing


His 6* is a huge drop lead 5* gator is just garbage


No its large


Oh yeah my bad got mixed up yeah it’s large


But I swear it used to be huge drop lead?


Nope not from what I can remember always been large ever since Rosa wish it was huge


I have a bad memory then because I thought gator was


Huge drop lead doesn’t exist… goes up to large, large drop leads are Rosa(5*) as well as Kenny and gator (6*)


Huge will come at some point odds are they will do same with what they did with Rosa will be the only leader skill


Maybe when Rosa becomes ascendable in 2134


Haha I’m sure it will be a premium toon at 1st and odds are people will spend


someone agreed with you from WAY back.

while there… i also found this nugget.


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