Huge bug in inventory & items suppressed randomly


Hello Dear Scopely.

I have a huge problem in my inventory in-game and scopely support can’t help me on my Android device.

I explain my self : on 21th November i have farmed the road where you can earn shirts for the new Dwight 6*.
After that i farmed also ONLY the stage 1 of the road where you can earn turkeys so as to win rewards against a pull. I Had the items , ok no problem.

The next day, all what i’ve just farmed has disappeared without any reason (approximatively 500 shirts for dwight and more than 200 turkeys). I can’t tell exactly because I don"t know how many you win per stage.

Scopely support on my device tell me to give them screenshots of the amount i’ve lost but it’s simply impossible.
Who here takes screenshots daily of their items in inventory.

The only proof and SOLID prood i have that there’s a mess with my account inventory is the next one :


You can clearly see there:

  • I have made 0 pulls on ten possible, so no turkeys were spent yet.
  • I have 0 turkeys.
  • I have finished the whole stage 1.

So, WITH LOGIC, I should have turkeys if I finished the stage and earned them.
But no, the number is set to ZERO. 0. It’s impossible. There’s a lack of logic.

The worst is that i HAD them at a certain point. But they just simply disappeared. Same with shirts for Dwight 6 *.

I’m really tired of this because due to that bug I lost most part of my shirts for Dwight and now I can’t earn him anymore.

I beg you to help me in this storm.



I hope you have good luck in getting a resolution. A faction mate of mine lost a GPS seemingly randomly too.

Please keep us updated.


Thanks mate.

Another fun fact : if i didn’t lose those shirts, Dwight would be mine at the moment i’m writing this.

5 days left before the event finishes, and it seems Dwight won’t be mine if this CRAZY HUGE BUG game-breaking still going on.

Cause yeah it’s definitely game-breaking for me. I am prestige 12 on my server and invested a lot in this game
But it seems recently the game is not really friendly or thankfully for this money and time spent.

I’m the first sad because I used to love this game.
But when this happen to you and Scopely himself ask you to give them proofs and screenshots while they can cleary just access to their database and track it easily, you just wanna quit.

Twisted fate