Huge bonus when taking damage or +30% hp?


btw this weapon is for tough garret


I would go huge AP on attack myself. That way they can’t just ignore him and deal with the toons around him


Even though it’s for my defensive team?



V.Large/Huge ap when attacking will make he use his AR turn 3 at defense, while if u dont put it, he will use his AR at turn 4.

I would go for ap when attacking because of that. It makes him more of a threat, his AR is nice, taunts 3 for 1 turn and gives bonus HP…


Okay thanks I’ll add when attacking. Just wasnt sure if huge ap when taking damage wouldve been better since he has so many taunts and maggie taunt/pain split.


Huge ap when being attacked is worse than ap when attacking in most sittuations, because the option to attack and give AP stays in opponents hands. A good attacker will know how to deal with it (neutralize, stun, confuse, etc), in a game its never good to put choices in opponents hand, its better if they stays in yours lol.

AP when attacking is solid, the toons always attack and gain AP every turn, no opponent choice here, at turn 3 the opponent have to deal with the AR flow or take the ARs in the head


One thing worth noting with AP on damage is that when Garret is leader, he’ll be too tanky from his leader skill to gain much AP from a weapon alone. That means the additional AP gain from damage (from the taunt rush) is unlikely to be a benefit over an AP gain on attack weapon.

If you ran him, with say Green Eugene or Blue Lee, the combination of huge bonuses might help him get into one of those fun perpetual taunt/rush/taunt/rush loops. Assuming he isn’t dead before he can rush…


Ah okay I thought it was a fixed amount of ap gain per hit not based on damage. And that’s what I was aiming for, a cc loop.


No, it’s based on the percentage of damage taken. The formula was worked out by some awesome nerds here and is available if you can find it. I think without any bonus, to fill AP bar would take more than 100% of HP in damage. With a couple of huge bonuses it might be pretty low, like maybe 25%-50% of HP before the AP bar is full


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