Huge AR When Taking Damage


Does anyone know how this works on a 6* tank toon? Will a tank toon benefit more from huge AR when taking damage or attacking? Thanks


Ar on defence works by the damage you take, so tank toons will take less damage therefore will gain less ar than non tank toons.
Personally ar on atk is miles better, as ar on defence can be easily controlled , the ar on atk means that all the rushes will go around the same time and therefore cant be controllled as easily


Works very well right now, however when more neutering toons hit, it’ll be back where it was.

I’ve been surprised on rare occasions by weapons with huge AP gain when attacked.


As its been noted here: Your % gained on damage is based on damage taken. Toons with gaudy high defense (Abe with an Erika lead, 35% def wep, and his 100% def per rush will take shit less damage and thus gain maybe 1 ap a hit as if it were 0 damage such as the case with high def Ascended Negans, Abdef triggers, and Guardian blocks as compared to standard defense toons without defense bonuses.) Toons that are massive hp sponges, with average defenses, will gain more on hit by and large. To cap this off, its now available to see who has how much rush, and without a counterbalance of ap on attack to keep pressure on your opponent, they will control who rushes, when, and if at all if they have a few stuns, confuses, and taunts to lock your team and a command to get them off appropriately. AP on damage is best served up with toons that force someone to attack them (Taunt or Shield) and can benefit from lower but not subpar defense and modest hp. They need either to be self healing or have some stupid amounts of bonus hp gain per rush (Blue Michonne was the best example of this at 100% bonus every rush) or have support toons to do this for them.

In short, dont build a team based on this one mechanic but it isnt intrinsically useless…just needs the right build for it like everything


I have a dual ap wep i originally built for abe on my ty with 35% atk. My team isnt ‘Windowless’ but it makes people leary