Huge AP when defending bugged

Huge ap when defending is only giving 4ap per hit now. The same as what small ap defending gives. Huge ap when attacking gives extra 10ap, but yet huge defending only gives 4ap… Minor 3, small 4, medium 5, large 8, and huge 10 except for defending??? Major bug that needs attention…

AP when defending doesn’t give you a set number like attacking does. It only gives you a number based on how much HP you lose. Lose more HP, gain more AP.

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Ap on defense is linked to how much damage the toon takes, less damage done, less AP gained. Ap on defense does not work like ap on attack where there is an exact number gained per action. Could it be that the toon taking damage is taking a small amount of damage and thus not generating a lot of Ap? Or is the toon taking a lot of damage and still only giving 4 ap every time?

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The huge ap boost used to give 10 ap per hit… To answer the question though Rosita the alert with healing for 2 turns only gets 4ap per hit from any trait… With huge ap weapon stat when defending…

It’s never been subject to damage…

more hp lost more ap gained. easy to understand

AP on defense has not been a flat number for the 2 years I’ve been playing.

“When defending” is always subject to damage. You’re thinking about “When attacking,” which gives flat AP increases.

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To be more precise, it gives AP based on the percent of HP lost. A toon with 2000 HP will gain twice as much AP as a toon with 4000 HP when taking the same amount of damage.

for example: i hit blue ty with my yellow naya and he lost almost half of his life and he gained 42 ap points but when i hit him with my gleen he only gain 12 ap points because i almost did no damage

*always been subject to damage

RTS is still in BETA.

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