Huge AP on atk or when atked

I tend to craft all my weapons with huge AP on attack.

However, I have an impair with huge AP when atked I was going to stick on frost.

Will huge AP when attacked get you a rush faster than AP on atk? What is the dynamic going on here?

if your going to use it on frost best to do def and hp in slots 1 and 2 and slot 4 daze enemy when taking a critical hit

Considering attacking team (you control) or defense team (AI controls)?

The defense team gets a 40% AP bonus.
A normal atk is 20 AP, defense team gets 28 instead.
A huge lead bonus and huge weapon bonus makes 40 for the atk team, 56 for the defense team…

AP on taking damage is different, as it is a multiplier depending on HP lost. The tankier the toon (or absolute defense), the less HP lost and the less AP gained, but the defense team has still an extra 40% AP generated from it

A toon that uses his Active often (Trader, Pete) or defends (command, shield) will not attack often, so their AP boost will not be big, but if it’s not a taunter or a shield, they also might not get any AP boost…

Everything depends on the team build, no toon exists in a vacuum

Interesting ok. Any idea why defense teams get such a big bonus to AP?

Fascinating. I wonder if it’s because they are at the disadvantage of being controlled by the AI

It’s because the raider (you) is going first

A hughe AP when attacking on a Human Shield? Beside using his active he will or should Shield. Si what’s the point here please?? Frost will never do a basic Attacks till he got disarmed.
Another Problem is with AP when taking Dmg on a Impair and Elusive Weapon. Nobody will attack unless it’s disarmed or they run attack up when Impaired Mods and gear the sh… outta ur Team by rushing with Priya on Frost…
HP/Def/Impair and Elusive or any other Def Slot 3 craft then Slot 4 should have light Daze or (even it is not so effective atm) tough health

Neither tank the crap out of him with HP def :+1:

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I believe you wanted to write “normalized” and that’s exactly the reason. A shield will 90% of time be normalized on T2 and then huge on Atk (especially with a like-minded lead) can help to rush in time for damage control…

Why put a shield in then at all? To give you the opening advantage and collecting all damage and negative statuses on one toon at the start of the duel

When one of your characters attacks they are guaranteed ap, unless target is elusive.

When the enemy team is attacking, there’s 5 targets to choose from so getting ap when attacked is 1 in 5 chance.

AP gained when hit is based on HP lost, so HP mods with no defense will make you lose more HP per hit thus gaining more ap.

My general rule is put HP on anyone you want to rush that is more support than main offense. Defense on shields as the human shield skill boosts defense by 50%.

As for ap on attack/defense I always go ap when attacking unless it’s a character that taunts or a command. Zander for example commands my doc turn 1, turn 2 he uses active so I give him ap on defense. Princess & doc taunt 3 so I have ap when attacked to gain ap from the tauntings.

Yes i ment normalized. Why you a Human Shield? If you use Princess too you got a pretty good Chance to do the same i run a Frost Def and i had to repair my 3 till 5 times in the last 2 Wars even against Top Faction. So it’s worth.
PS. Was wonder myself about^^

Pretty good discussion, i think what I’m hearing about a shield def is that AP on atk is a waste because they will mostly shield up on def. AP when atked is a better choice, but may not be a better choice than to use that weapon slot for extra def or HP.

Exactly :+1:t4:

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