Huge ap defending bug

Huge ap bug not giving but 4ap… For the ones wanting to say it’s lined up with damage, and has been for ever that’s not true… Maybe since the garbage 6* came about it’s been that way, but when it was 5* toons huge ap defending gave your 10 ap per hit damage had nothing to do with it… Even without a defending ap weapon stat or leader skill set you already get 3ap defending… If that’s the case then what the hell is the point of a huge defending stat if all you get is 4ap from it? Don’t try commenting that it’s damaged based, and always has been, cause that’s not true. If that’s how it is today then that’s just stupid. I used to run the red 5* Belle with stun with a huge defending ap weapon set, and she would rush with 4 hits after her 1st turn. With a rush of 58 that’s 10 ap per hit…

Also it’s not based off damage like you other idiots want to say. If that was true it wouldn’t give 4ap per hit every time… If it was based off damage then it would give from 1-10… That is not the case it’s 4ap per hit by anyone… If it’s a blue Tyrese hitting my red Rosita it’s 4ap every hit… Never is it less or more… So get a clue before trying to comment on something you’ve never had a clue about…

if a toon has a huge amount of defense he will lose less hp so less ap for him. easy to understand.

If you’re going to insult us all, the least you can do is substantiate your lunacy…


This issue will never be fixed… because it’s not a bug. You don’t understand how it works.


Lemme give you the quick answer

It’S bAsEd OfF oF dAmAgE tAkEn. BeCaUsE iF iT wErE 10 AP eAcH tImE tHiS gAmE wOuLd Be BrOkEn :slight_smile:

Long answer:

  • Have you ever considered how tanky your toon might be to begin with? If you have a toon with over 4K defense and you have huge bonus when taking damage, you’re just a special kind of… noodle.
  • Think about it this way, if Tyreese a toon that has high constant ATK points (assuming no debuff or buff) hits your Rosita I would assume that it would be relatively the same each time resulting in the “4 AP”
  • If you have a video to provide “evidence” that would be fantastic instead of trying to insult the user base. But clearly seeing that you don’t you’re only making yourself look like an idiot
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When a toon takes damage, they get ap based on the amount taken. The leader skill or modification to the weapon is supposed to give a huge bonus to ap when being attacked. Huge bonus is 10 ap so why not 10 ap in addition to ap gained from taking damage.

I know on All out war Jesus(kept his defense low so A.I. would target him) it was based on damage taken in 5 stars Era cause he was very slow without it.I do however think in 6 star era it’s messed up cause people pop AR without even touching them and many other bugs I notice with that leader skill.

So…with damage being variable…it should be +10 from huge bonus when being attacked plus a variable amount from damage taken

No… or else you’d see very low damage still give +10 AP, which isn’t the case.

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The whole point of the leader skill or weapon mod huge bonus to ap when being attacked, is to give ap in addition to the ap generated from damage.
So as it is written, it should be 10 ap plus ap from damage.
But its scopely…so we should probably just be happy the game doesn’t crash all the time, like in territories.

Well I’ve never seen where it says that ap on dmg should give 10ap and @Trollypolly made a good video explain how ap works. Up to you agree or disagree but that’s the way that ap works in fact.


Not necessarily. It’s easy to say we get +10 for huge bonus when attacking, so “huge” means a flat +10 number.

What if huge was meant to be “+50% more AP generation” when attacking? Since base is 20, you’d get +10, which is a flat number, but it could be calculated percentage wise. So just like how “huge when defending” could easily be +% of AP gained when taking damage.

I’m not necessarily right, but if you want to use that logic, there’s a counter argument.


Yeah. Huge bonus when attacking is +10 so I assumed huge bonus meant +10.
Silly me.

Oh man this thread is such a let down. I was waiting for crack-pot OP to come at us with his flawed logic but he disappeared. Boo.

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This thread is a major fail…smh

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No, it’s not 10 AP plus more AP from damage. It’s entirely based on a percent of HP lost. The lead and weapon bonuses simply mean you get more AP per percent of HP lost. If you only lose 1% of your HP when you get hit, you’re not going to gain hardly any AP, even with the bonuses.

OP calls us idiots and then demands explaining and a fix to the “bug”. Many of the people here are so entitled, I can post it to r/ChoosingBeggars