Http 500 Game won’t load for days

Yeah I retarted a lot. What burns me is I was in a battle during the bliz war and did not get any rewards due to this.

My whole faction did and supports response is sorry cant help you. Just asking for what was to be rewarded not a hand out.

Just proves the point how poor support and general health of this game really is.

That is an automated response from support. Keep clicking “no” where they asked if they answered your question and eventually real person will look at it

Did you try retarting your router?

Also if that’s worked for someone it could be worth it trying to reset your Phones Network Adapter Settings

It’s nothing to do with the router. It was on two totally different internet connections.

Eventually one of the staff wrote that the problem was fixed. And it actually stopped doing that.

I am just pissy because I was in at least one battle of the bliz but never got any rewards due to this. Resulting in not getting a chance to pull on the token wheel.

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