Http 500 Game won’t load for days

I am not sure what is happening but the game no longer loads up and basically missing all the fun, war. This started yesterday and the game just sits there loading eventually going to the error Http 500. The odd time I get a different error. Since I can’t get in the game I can not make a support request…

Same here…going on 8 hours of not being able to get in the game. I’m still get all the war/try etc notifications but can’t open the game. I’ve tried everything.

bruh, it’s happening to me now. right after i bought an offer too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can make support requests on Scopely’s website. Search Google for “Scopely customer support” or just click this link:

They’ll ask for your player code, but don’t worry if you don’t have it. They can find you via in game name/faction/region.

From what I’ve been reading, an uninstall/reinstall will fix this one today (probably faster than support will reply).

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Take down your acct code ASAP. NEVER post your code in any publicly viewed way, dude.

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I tried that route and the submit button was broken as well lol so that is why I turned to forums hoping to get some help. I’ll try the uninstall just sucks as I am now on day three and lost out on many things.

It’s not as big a deal as it used to be, support won’t help anyone who can’t produce a receipt to prove ownership.

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Maybe so, but hackers dgaf. Better safe then sorry.

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The uninstall worked. Now just have to see if can get rewards as lost at the very least war items. And I was in a battle. I died but was in it lol

Good luck with the support imo. Lost my acc due linking problem so have no idea who is on it all i know have someone randoms level 13 acc

Having the same issue here. Haven’t been able to log in all evening. Is this getting fixed or are we forced to re install?

You can open a ticket with support, but the fastest way to get back in will likely be an uninstall/reinstall.

Opening a ticket is not really an option when you can’t log in and the website submit button appears to not work. That or I hit it 40 times and made loads of tickets.

Uninstall and reinstall was fairly painless just make sure to have WiFi’s not cellular.

What sucks is lots war rewards and a couple other things while at it.

Game is dead again! Same error guess should be happy it worked for a day.

A guy in my faction recently had this same problem and uninstall/reinstall did not work. He factory reset his phone and then it worked.

getting this for the past 4 to 6 hours what is up with this

got it to work just reset router

Interesting thing on the router reset. I have two iinternet connections one at work and one at home. Both do the same thing.

It sucks because I missed out of war and a bunch of other things. In the grand scheme it’s not end of the world but the whole game is designed around working as a team.

I really hope not everyone in support is like this. The work around of uninstalling does work for now but a response like this is uncalled for.

Did you “retart” the app like they said?