Hows Your Gear?

I’ve heard mixed feelings about how people are doing on gear, so lets see how things are going…

  • I’m good on gear, have a stockpile
  • I’m alright, i get by, league store helps
  • I’m barley about to level the toons I want
  • I’m stuck behind the #geargate

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I get by now because I stopped pulling for promos. I would prefer collection events again for gear though so I can use my league tokens for mods instead. Or maybe not, lack of gear has kept my spending down. :thinking::thinking:

This week I’m barely able to level stuff i want to use, by next week i won’t be levelling Sh*t.

No longer pulling on premiers as whats the point when all of it will sit at T2

I don’t want to vote because I understand the reason behind this poll and don’t want to have an answer that is less favourable to the greater good. But my gear levels are pretty good. I buy a bit from the league store when I need but haven’t bought much. Still hit 1.25 most level ups, sometimes 2 million and mostly just level up 5* until I have a new 6* to level. Haven’t gone hog wild on t4ing, 6*s, just the ones I fine most useful. I’m always treated gear as a resource to be careful with.

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I don’t pull, nor spend for toons anymore. But I still have about 20 6*s stuck cause I don’t have the necessary gear

Can we have an option for

“The only thing worse than my gear stockpile is the mediocre set of toons available for me to use it on”


I was good for a long time but the constant level ups have bled me dry. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t level some 6* because I don’t have the stupid 5* gear. I’ve used the depot some but they need to do the freaking math, it’s costing us 18 pieces of 5* gear to take ONE TOON from 5* to T3 6*. THEY’RE ONLY GIVING US 2 PIECES OF THAT GEAR A WEEK.
I’m also starting to run low on 4* gear too, campstoves and alpenstocks, it’s ridiculous.
I farmed hard for a long time, I can’t keep up so I’m starting to opt out of level ups because the prizes suck anyway. It is definitely making me lose interest in the game.

Grindable/Free Gear has become a unicorn …

sorry cant modify a poll once started

I want to know what this Barley gear is?

You’d think that with all this access to rewarding opportunities to level up our toons, there’d be more access to gear aswell

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I’m right on the edge.
I’ve got just enough riot shields and sports gloves to upgrade Connie, then I’m out of both.
I’ve also been out of top tier gear for a long time now.

I’m good on gear for reds. Decent on gear for blues, yellow and green I think I’m good on so overall I get by.

This is me. I’ve ascended Javier, Connor, Carley, green Garrett with no intention of using them.

i have a stockpile of regular gear but have to be selective when it comes to tiering 6*'s

Ironic. Made that statement, did a ten pull and got Carl…

I was hungover, typos happen

You, hungover? #potatoesgannapotato

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