Hows this team. Help me out bois and grills

Need some advice on my team just remeber tho its a working progress before grilling me

imagine they are 6*

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it looks like a cool team

just make them better. several level Up for this

T4 and max them and you have a decent team.

That’s decent once you get the other three ascended. Who else do you have for ascendable toons?

Gator,jesus, and sandy. I mostly have range so i thought id try my hand at a melee. Defense team

Red Jesus or yellow? If it’s the red, that team up there is probably your best bet. If he’s the yellow, start from scratch and run a Carl lead and fill it with whatever melees you have.

Red impair jesus

Don’t run Carl. He offers nothing except his leader skill other than a way for attackers to charge AR

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What other toons you got buddy? Looking at that a select few are awesome toons I’ve not really seen anyone use Kelly nor have I my self so not sure how he does tbh but if you have impair Jesus I’d level him instead of Carl keep Kelly for now for that command and taunt I think he does isn’t it?

Any chance of getting enough shovels for the museum collection? Lori would go perfectly in Carl’s spot on your team.

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I already have lori so her instead?

Yeah, definitely. She’s one of the most versatile F2P toons in game IMO. Neut is always nice and with all the shield teams around, focus is a very useful active skill for attack. Plus she’s tough enough to stand up on the right defense team.

Nice question but I’ve been told grills can’t play video games :woman_shrugging:t3:

Just don’t use on defense, and you should be fine

I know girls who play better than some guys lol

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Yeah. I get guys on Pubg complaining I’m on the team and then I carry them haha. “Grills” just made me laugh. I get that alot on my videos “are you GRIL?!”

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Everyone is welcome on my thread or any thread for that matter

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Nothing wrong with female players.
The only time it’s annoying is when half your team is obsessed with her.
That’s how a TF2 match goes for me when a female joins.


You don’t need to be female for that. You can have a “girl-ish” name and keep mic off and still get freaked out over the whole time haha. It’s sad.

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