How's the state of the game atm

Been away since December, how’s the state of the game atm?

Run, just run. Do yourself a favour and run. And never look back!


Pretty much the same, although for the upper tier the pendulum has swing from def/timeout being important to attack ruling everything.

Slowly going in the right direction. F2P have had quite a few nice toons handed out lately (Eric, Douglas, Rick). Characters are being offered as war rewards again, although only the top 6-7 receive it without having to buy a token bag or w/e.

Still good fun for me :slight_smile:

I like this meta, i rather face a team were either i win in 3 - 4 turns or im fuked rather a barrage of heals and defense buffs imo

Defense is non existent at every level of the game

You no buy? YOU LEAVE!!!

I’m not back just checking to see if I can come back

Is there a new ascendance list?

No, they’re not releasing a list of legacies that will become ascendable.

Oh, you CAN come back, but why would you WANT to?


Garbage, garbage and garbage. They have turned everything into a money grab.


The event calendar is copy and pasted from February… which was copy and pasted from January. Yawn.



Wait till he hits the paywall and finds out that this game sucks.

Keep surviving friend


Bro…Are you feeling ok?

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Who me?

No not you.

Ah okay, do you know why?

Here’s the post by the CM